Droid X: Official Android 2.2 Froyo Update – Release Date Close?

By Alan Ng - Sep 15, 2010

Yesterday we told you how a leaked Verizon OTA update for the Droid X slipped out, but now we have a few details on the next official update from Verizon, one which will add the benefits of Android 2.2 Froyo.

The news come courtesy of Droid-Life, who have once again managed to obtain an internal Verizon document, which seems to suggest that the official update for the Droid X is finally upon us.

The document lists new features such as Adobe 10.1 Flash Player, 270 degrees screen rotation and automatic app updates. Furthermore, Droid-Life states that this document was created on September 10th, meaning that Verizon are definitely in the progress of preparing Froyo for release.

It looks like those of you who were not tempted to update to leaked copies are about to get rewarded. We’ll let you know if we hear any more details on this.

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  • Jeremy

    2.2 has been "close" and "coming soon" since I bought my DX on launch day. First it was with the blanket statement of "late summer", then it was the first week in August. Then it was August 17th, then it was to be a X/Inc rollout at the end of August. Then it was early September and now it's simply by the end of summer. Personally I'm not getting my hopes up until the update is actually downloaded on my phone.

    I'm pretty sure nobody would have had any issues if they had just said back on July 15th that the update will roll out by the end of September. Misinformation and piss poor management are why Moto is catching so much crap over this.

  • Its about time!