Chase Online Website Problems: Outage Updates from Twitter

Hours after we reported that Chase were suffering from problems on their online website, we can confirm that there is still a major issue, with users unable to log into the server to check their finances.

The worst thing is, Chase has not given users an indictation as to when the website will be fully operational again. We say that, as some parts of the website are still available, but online banking is still out of action.

To make life a little bit easier for you, you will be able to check this Twitter updates page, to find out the exact moment that the website is back up and running again. This page also gives you feedback from every other Chase user, so you know that you’re not the only one who is frustrated at the moment.

We’ll let you know once the site is back up – give us your thoughts on the outage.

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  • Nancy

    First try to log in 10:30AM. Site hung up many times. The only successful long in was unable to get to Activity Page, Time Out. Then unable to log in again.

    Now the Outage Message is up again. The site crashes again!

  • rocky

    I was able to get on a few times this morning but it is down again?


    I am still having issues logging on. I was able to early this morning, now I am not and when I was able to check there was a major error on my account. I was able to send an email, but after that I cant log in.

  • anm805

    They said by 4:30 Pm EST on 9-14-2010 but you can see they are still down.


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