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Android Notifier App: Download for phone, Mac, Windows, and Linux

If you own an Android-based smartphone and use your computer a lot we have a great app to tell you about, this is called Android Notifier and it shows smartphone alerts on your computer.

Android Notifier basically shows alerts on your computer when your smartphone receives an incoming call, SMS, MMS or voicemail message, not only this but it tells you when your battery is low. The app is great in a whole range of circumstances, perhaps you are in the work place and you do not want loud alerts disturbing you or others, it is also very useful if your handset is charging in another room.

The app itself needs to be installed on your phone (from here) and on your PC, you can download the Windows and Linux versions here or the Mac version here.

The app uses either Bluetooth or WiFi for the communication between the phone and the computer, you can configure which alerts show up on your computer, therefore you will not be hounded with alerts if configured correctly.

If you want to find out more about Android Notifier check out the source links below, have you used Android Notifier, if so is it as good as it sounds?

Source: SoftSailor, AppScout


  • Dauud

    can we get one for an iphone?


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