Agatha Christie: Google Doodle, Birthday Cake and Twitter Feedback

As you will probably be aware by visiting Google, today is the 120th birthday of legendary writer Agatha Christie, who was famous for writing crime novels as well as short stories, most of which were converted for TV viewing.

As reported from the BBC, a special birthday cake will be available to buy in Agatha’s hometown of Devon to celebrate her birthday. The cake is called ‘Delicious Death’ which fans will know is featured in novel ‘A Murder is Announced’.

If you want to join in on the birthday cake celebrations, you can attempt to make the cake using the receipe instructions through the link, or alternatively visit her Wikipedia page for a full bio on the writer.

What are your thoughts on Agatha Christie and today’s Google Doodle? You can see what everyone else thinks, on this Twitter Updates page here.



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