TGS 2010: Sony and Microsoft – US/UK Press Conference Start Times

If you hadn’t heard, a little something known as the Tokyo Game Show is due to kick off this week in Japan. It is a pretty big deal for the gaming industry, and we have start times for you for both Sony and Microsoft’s press conferences.

As reported from VG247, both companies will be showing off all new content at the expo, although you’ll have to be up at the early morning if you want to catch both speeches live.

Microsoft’s keynote will start at 9am Japanese Time on Thursday September 15th. For those of you in the UK, that is 1am BST and 8pm EST for US gamers wanting to tune in.

Just like E3 and GamesCom, Sony will stage their conference after Microsoft’s keynote and it seems as if a lot of content will be revealed on the day. Their press conference will start at 1pm Japan time, so that is 5am BST and 12am EST time for US.

Well bring you a full expectations report soon. If you have any questions on the event start times, drop us a comment below.



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