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T-Mobile MyTouch HD: First Specs – Dual 1GHz Processor and Android 2.2 Froyo?

While T-Mobile are preparing to give their full support to their G2 handset, we have some details on another HSPA+ device, for those of you who previously owned a MyTouch 3G – prepare to get excited.

TmoNews has managed to obtain a new internal document from the carrier, and it reveals the first specs for the MyTouch HD device, along with some other very interesting details on the unannounced handset.

The MyTouch HD will be running Android 2.2 Froyo and specs include a 5MP camera, Front facing camera for Video Chats over HSPA+, QWERTY keyboard, 4GB internal memory and an 8GB SD card for external memory.

The interesting part though, is that the document lists the MyTouch HD as having support for a ‘Dual 1GHz Processor’. If you ask me, 1Ghz is already very good, so it is very exciting at the possibility of having two in one handset.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the Dual 1GHz processor spec is legit or not?


  • lokienloki

    This one will certainly be fast. Hopefully, it will be launch on Android 2.2 already. Tmo-myTouch HD Latest Updates

  • copolii


  • Dennis

    Dual processors?

    What’s more funny is the fact there will be some or many fools that will”buy” into this crap. First off, What Android app needs this much power??

    2nd, what’s the (selling) point?

    I dumped my Samsung Captivate that has one of the best chip set. The problem? Is Androud. It don’t matter how fast your device runs, Android is still slow…

    • another Dennis

      Not an Android issue with the Samsungs.., but a Samsung issue with what they did to the interface in trying to make it look like iPhones interface.. And even with the slower interface.. slow compared to what ?.. spouting of things like "Android is slow".. doesn't reflect the real world and the Samsung Galaxy S's, even stock, are pretty speedy.

    • Bob

      this no makey sense to me, android is challenging for a processor because it is multi threaded, if you just keep going back to the home screen and opening up more and more apps it will bog down (just like my PC). Apple does not slow down, but the IPod does not multi-task that is why it seems so much faster.

      If your android gets bogged down, shut down some of the running apps you probably weren't using anyhow

    • moises

      what is slow about android? i have a iPhone 4 an a epic the epic beats the iPhone 4 everything, opening apps , browsing the web, scrolling up and down so what are you comparing the android speed to?

  • adam

    I do not think it is real as HSPA is not 4g it is like 3.5 g and in the purported release they use the term "on Americas largest 4g network' sounds like someother cellular company's slogan.


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