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Rock Band 3: Guitar Preview and Screens – Looks Great

It is pretty much a full gone conclusion that the six string guitar on Rock Band will be a huge hit, however I am sure that there are plenty of you worried that it won’t live up to the hype, if you are one of these people you should check out this JoyStiq article.

The guys over at JoyStiq recently got some hands-on with the guitar, the good news is that the guitar trainer paired with either the 102-button controller or the real Fender guitar is ‘astounding’, apparently there is all the gaming fun mixed with really learning how to play a musical instrument, sounds like a winner to me.

For me the real reason people want the six string guitar in Rock Band 3 is to learn how to play the guitar, JoyStiq say that after playing the game for some time you can pick up a guitar and actually play recognizable riffs from tracks.

I think that this pretty much proves that Rock Band 3 and the six string guitar will be a success, if you want some more insight you can see a whole bunch of screenshots here along with the full preview here.

Has JoyStiq’s hands-on convinced you to pre-order rock Band 3?



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