PS3 Jailbreak: iPhone and iPod Touch Confirmed with PSFreedom

Following on from the PS3 jailbreak method for Android phones, we can now confirm that the jailbreak has also been performed on the iPod Touch and iPhone. This is getting a bit out of hand, don’t you think?

As reported from RedmondPie, PSFreedom, the open source version of PSGroove has been successfully ported over to the Sony PS3 console, and we have a couple of videos which prove it.

It is worth pointing out that this isnt a PS3 hack on the iPhone 4 or new iPod Touch devices. Instead, this jailbreak method will only work on the 1G iPhone, iPhone 3G and 1st Generation iPod Touch.

In order to perform the jailbreak on your PS3, you’ll need to first have a jailbroken phone, which you can find more details here if you need them.

As always, only perform this if you know what you are doing. We wonder what Sony are making of all of this, particuarly since they have only just released Firmware Update v3.42 for the PS3. Videos through the link.



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