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Plants vs. Zombies Review: Recommended For Xbox 360

With Halo: Reach taking all the headlines today for releases on the Xbox 360, we have a review of a game that offers gamers something different but still a quality experience. Plants vs Zombies is a game that will offer something for everyone.

Adam Pavlacka of Worthplaying has done a review of the game and says that even though it has been called a ‘casual’ game, it is heavy on content and value for money. He starts his review of by saying “Buy it”. The game is a cute take on the zombie apocalypse that focuses on humor.

You take the part of Crazy Dave who seems to be the only human left alive, who has plants that rock in his garden. Wave after wave of zombies try to attack you, but all you have to fight them off is a handful of different plants. One weapon is the Snow Pea which fires frozen peas at the enemy. Dancing zombie starts dancing before he attacks you, while Bungee Zombie attacks from above.

The game starts off easily to get you used to the basics before things get much harder as you progress. Multiplayer fans will have to make do with playing with someone else sitting next to them as Xbox Live is not supported. Plants vs Zombies is 1,200 Microsoft points or $15 and gets a score of 9 out of 10.

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  • trioxin

    This game is amazing. Although it probably found it's best suited home on the iPhone, the XBox 360 version is still a fantastic experience. The zombies sound effects are brilliant, and Crazy Dave is a highlight every time he pops up to try to flog some bizarre plants to you.
    Highly recommended.


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