Nokia E7: Details Regarding Release Date and Price

By Jamie Pert - Sep 14, 2010

If you were impressed by the Nokia E7 when we revealed the specs earlier today, you may have wondered just how much this smartphone will cost, luckily Nokia has let loose some release date and price information.

Sadly we have no solid release date for you, however Nokia has stated that it will begin shipping before the end of the year, also Europeans can expect to pay €495 contract-free.

€495 equates to roughly $650 USD or £420 (GBP), which will no doubt be greatly subsidized by carriers if you agree a two year contract.

That is all we can say for now, however when we find out further release date, price and carrier information we will keep you posted.

Do you think that €495 / $650 / £420 is a fair contract-free asking price for the Nokia E7?

Source: Engadget

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  • sobbyanand

    new release date announced : feb 13.

  • zarar

    the price is very high…………………..

  • TomArchitect



    nokia family add a new son name e7 this son is very good,smart,uncomon, is bringing a new name.i pray for nokia family thanks

  • techfreak

    This is by far the best looking phone ever, so thin but still managing to hide a 4 row qwerty keyboard in there. Oh and it comes with an internal memory of 16gb. NICE!

  • Kel Prince

    Can anyone say if Nokia have abandoned for the E7 the ludicrous input of phone numbers which prevents spaces and thus recording of numbers in the internationally recognised form as in the E90?. It would also help if the automatic insert of capitals was stopped..No good asking Nokia they never reply to anything!
    Kel Prince

    • Loughborough follows

      I imagine nokia have a more important agenda for their day…

    • Psionfan

      This is a weakness in many current mobiles (iPhone included) – a retrograde step – my Palm Treo handled this just fine. The designers don't seem to understand that making the number easy to read and repeat to others is still important, even today.
      I would also like see smartphones capable of what my Psion could do over 10 years ago – attached a time zone to an appointment – different for start and end if needed (eg international flights). (the over-praised iPhone can't do this either, nor can Android devices) Crackberries only do it because it is enabled by LotusNotes or Exchange.
      The designers spend too much time on flash impressive stuff and not enough on the practical!

  • mariano

    Of course it is!!! if you go to he Nokia products page you'll find the full specs of the E7. The ONLY THING I RAHTER IT HAD IS CARL ZIESS OPTICS for the love of god I can't understand why they got an unbranded 8MP camera for this amazing phone….

  • lokienloki

    But if this one will be available for the world, and landing on a price of 600 USD. Why not? Latest Impression for E7 Phone. .