Nokia E7: Details Regarding Release Date and Price

By Jamie Pert - Sep 14, 2010

If you were impressed by the Nokia E7 when we revealed the specs earlier today, you may have wondered just how much this smartphone will cost, luckily Nokia has let loose some release date and price information.

Sadly we have no solid release date for you, however Nokia has stated that it will begin shipping before the end of the year, also Europeans can expect to pay €495 contract-free.

€495 equates to roughly $650 USD or £420 (GBP), which will no doubt be greatly subsidized by carriers if you agree a two year contract.

That is all we can say for now, however when we find out further release date, price and carrier information we will keep you posted.

Do you think that €495 / $650 / £420 is a fair contract-free asking price for the Nokia E7?

Source: Engadget

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