New Verizon BlackBerry Storm 3: Android Temptation

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 14, 2010

Last month we heard some more rumor on the new Verizon BlackBerry Storm 3, which came via an apparent 2010 roadmap for Verizon. You can read more details on this here, and if all goes to plan we could see Storm 3 (aka 9570) release towards the end of October.

RIM’s Storm 3 has been missing in action for a while now, and while some users may have picked up the BlackBerry ‘Style’ 9670, others do not see this as an option. The latest technology in these devices is not enough for the true Storm fan.

Even the Torch is not enough, this device is not seen as a game changer, and the rumors about LTE abilities with Storm 3 on Verizon Wireless are enticing to say the least. Wireless Ground believes that BlackBerry OS 6 needs a 1Ghz processor to be really “snappy”, and some users will not settle for anything less.

It’s got to the point that those wanting a Storm 3 are checking blogs on a daily basis for “something” new, especially when it comes to specs. The common feeling is that the device is taking too long to come out. Long term BlackBerry users know what they want, 1GB RAM, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, 1GHz processor, 720p video recording, 5 megapixel camera, and a 3-inch hi-res screen are just some of the features wished for.

Some of our readers have said that they are really considering going to an android phone after the long wait. Has RIM taken too long to bring out the Storm 3? Are you ready to upgrade or have you moved to an Android device during the wait for Storm 3?

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  • sarah

    i love the phone so much

  • ellie

    i love the phone so much

    • sarah

      i love this phone so so so so very very very much!

  • MAS

    Droid apps are not easy to download… I want the Playpad & a Storm 3… I love, love, love my Storm & dont want to give it up for a larger clunky phone.

  • Greg

    If you use a storm… then you're not a true Blackberry user. Everyone knows the ball/trackpad and the perfect keyboard have built the product. So go ahead and buy the Android, while 30 more people per day will catch on to the simpler connection they have to life with their prestine, organized Blackberry Tour, Bold, or Curve.

  • bill

    If Droid would come out with an imbedded software capable of syncing with outlook completely like BB does and become business friendly they could put a real hurt on RIM

  • NoDroidsAllowed

    I am a Storm 1 user and do agree with the sentiment in the original post but would caution that Andriod phones are not a good comparison to any Blackberry. I carried a Droid2 for about three weeks and went back to my Storm1. The Droid2 is not a business class phone but rather more of a gaming console that does a minimal job of email, phone, and calendar functions. I have an iPad that is far more useful than the Droid and if it is representative of the iPhone it would be a much better option.

  • David Turner

    This is exactly what I am waiting for. A BB Torch like phone for Verizon as a next step up from my Pearl Flip. I want the slideout keyboard with the full HD screen. Have never liked the virtual keyboard on the Storm family. This would be the perfect BB.

  • Troy

    I have been following RIM very closely lately and supposedly the word with Verizon is:

    No Storm 3, I and 2 were not good sellers so they told RIM they do not want it. Been told once RIM works out the problems with the Torch on At&T they will be releasing a new BB for Verizon in November 10 sometime. The phone will have BB OS 6 and a slide out keyboard similar to the Torch.

  • Jim Clark

    Forget video messaging, fancy bells and whistles. I just want a smartphone that doesn't require a software reset or battery pull every couple days to keep it working reasonably. Locked into a 2 year Verizon contract, I went through three Storm 1 and finally talked them into replacing it with a Storm 2 and other then the WiFi (which does help the browsing speed) it's WORSE than the Storm 1 and when it's cold, I have to take my gloves off to answer the phone!
    Yes, Flash support and MULTI-TASKING would be nice, but if RIM doesn't deliver a more reliable device through Verizon by 1Q2011, I'll find something else!

  • none

    There's one feature you forgot… I want flash support on my next device. Now that Apple and the iphone are going to provide flash support, there's no reason not to get it with any other device. Also, how about face to face video messaging on BBM? I am sure that RIM/BB could blow away the iPhone, but for some reason hasn't yet done so.

  • Jessie Woodberry

    I’m going to wait on the Storm 3 no matter how long it takes. If you want one, you want one. There’s no since in settling for less.

  • Kathy

    I'd go for a DroidX (my husband LOVES his), except I really want a phone with Global capabilities.

  • maciquatl

    I agree with specs however we want a 4 inch screen with surepress and better browser. Catch up blackberry….seriously!

  • Bryan

    I left BlackBerry for Android because I felt the software was left back in 1997. I saw Android was immediately in the 21st century. I'm hoping the Storm 3 will bring me back to the BB world. Here's what I hope for:
    -At least 1 GHz processor
    -8GB internal memory
    -8-16 GB microSD
    -5+MP camera w/ HD video
    -Hopefully an OS for todays users

    Hopefully RIM will finally get it. If not, I'm staying Android. Google and Apple get it. If RIM can't produce up to those standards, it's going to hurt them for a long time.

  • @jimmyontheradio

    I've been around the block on all these smartphone options. WinMo to BlackBerry to Android to iPhone, and now I am eyeing a BlackBerry again after being incredibly disappointed with my iPhone and the AT&T network in my area. I would like the Torch, but like the iPhone, that is a great phone stuck on a terrible network. I think I still have faith in RIM after not being that impressed with the Android OS. I think I will switch back to a Verizon BB Bold. I had a Tour and loved it.

  • BB_Typhoon

    "Wireless Ground believes that BlackBerry OS 6 needs a 1Ghz processor to be really “snappy”, and some users will not settle for anything less."

    Much has been said about general CPU on SoC's clock speed when it's really about the right selection of "family/generation/series".

    If RIM's track record are anything to go by they'll insist on sticking with Marvell.It's not so much that the 624Mhz CPU used in Torch are a numeric bane but it's because it's based on a pretty old ARM family.Rough example:-1Ghz Pentium 4 vs 1Ghz Pentium III,which will win?That simple.They could have gone to Marvell Armada 600 ( or just pick anything equal to/based on ARM Cortex A family and still leave the chosen clock speed alone to adhere to the much sacred Blackberry batt life ethos.

    And then there's BB OS 6 which I'm not sure if the OS can or not be supported with OpenGL because if it lacks that then the whole point of going anywhere near say Cortex A family are moot.Is that an advantage?Moving forward I don't think so…

    With BB OS 6,RIM really really need to NOT repeat Nokia's mistake of their delaying the progression from Symbian S60 5th to the current version in clarifying their touchscreen UI strategy.

  • Torch Fan

    …………Please don't release Storm 3 as Storm 2 "Odin Refresh" as we will surely be heartbroken. It needs to join the 1GHz club with higher resolution. Article hit every "wish" for me: 1GB RAM for apps, Wi-Fi, 1GHz processor, 720p video, 5MP camera, and full size screen. Video "facetime", HDMI output, and playing games, etc. are cool but do not align with Blackberry's target consumer. Storm 1 was a disaster but I love the innovation of Surepress and everything they tried to do. Improving upon it with Storm 2 release was good but they need to hit this milestone ASAP to secure their future and satisfy their followers.

    Great job on OS6 by the way… guys really stepped up to the plate on that one……now hit a home run with hardware.

  • Torch Fan

    Great post by the way….found it on my daily search for new Blackberry news! HA

    Storm 1 here as well……I need to upgrade so badly that I'm tempted to get the Torch and then possibly the Storm 3 or 4 pending specs (sell the Torch). I love blackberry, partial interest in android, partial interest in WP7, and no interest in iphone's "walled garden".

    Wife has iphone4, she loves it, I love playing with it knowing this is what a new toy is suppose to feel like (specs, apps, cool factor, etc.) but know I would be disappointed if I left Blackberry. Same goes for Android and upcoming WP7……I switched from windows based HTC touch screen before to Blackberry Storm and haven't looked back. Looking forward though I'm always drooling over the competition which leaves Blackberry looking pathetic. Despite being disappointed and always left wanting more, I can't convince myself to walk away from the core UI, business functionality, and outlook syncying/organizing aspect of Blackberry. This is what a phone and personal organizer should be. That being said it's getting tougher and tougher to keep convincing myself…….

  • Chris

    I am 6 months past my Storm 1 contract and really need to upgrade. This phone is so slow and doesn’t do much for me. In comparison to what Android brings to the table, RIM really needs to hit a home run soon. I too check the blogs everyday. I think I will give it until the end of October and then I am going to reluctantly make the switch if a Storm 3 is not on the horizon. Oh yea, it better live up to the wait. Nothing short of a 1 Ghz processor is going to get me to stay with my blackberry.

    • Jeanine Marie

      I have a bb tour and have been ready for an upgrade for over a year. My husband and daughter have the Android, but I am a crackberry girl till the end. But everyday I look for an update on when I can get a new BB on Verizon! UGHHHHHH

      • Andrea

        I am a crackberry girl and have a Tour as well. I am dying for a new BB…I like Verizon's service, but I'm slowly going to the Android phone due to the long wait. 🙁

  • Rahul

    Have to say this post got the general sentiment to the point. I have been desperately waiting for the blackberry storm 3 to come out and with all the flashy features out these days RIM really needs to pull up their game or risk being the runt of the phone world. The torch really does not cut it! What happened to talks of the iPhone killer, seems like RIM doesnt even want to try and compete at that level.

  • pjjj

    It better have all of the above AND be thinner and lighter. The existing storm is a bit of a beast. If they dont nail this one – I'm out of blackberry. I want to love them so badly but cant,.,.

  • cameron

    I would agree with this post! I am a storm 1 user and I am looking forward to a new device. I continually visit multiple blogs multiple times a day (about 30-40 per day) to find new news about the next storm! I do not want an android, but how long can I wait.

    • Amen…the wait is too long. The final product had better justify the wait.

  • Brad

    I have to have a blackberry for work, and don't want to carry two devices, so I went with the original Storm, and am just finishing my 2-yr commitment. I'd buy a Storm 3, if it were at all close to the specs people are discussing. However, barring that, the gap between RIM devices and Android devices has grown so large that unless I hear something in the next month or so, I'm going to give in and get an Android device, even if it means carrying an old blackberry for work email. Annoying, but RIM is letting themselves get lapped, and original Storm purchasers like me, who have reached their "new every two" upgrade stage on Verizon, see no viable upgrade options from RIM.

    • Lee

      Could not agree more. First time replying to a comment but I feel like I needed to say I am in the exact same boat. Still have the original storm and waiting for the new Storm to come out and be awesome and sitting on a phone upgrade as I purchased the original Storm right when it came out and still love it.