iPhone 4 vs Nokia E7: Display Specs and Comparison (Retina vs CBD)

By Jamie Pert - Sep 14, 2010

Earlier today we spoke about the Nokia E7 and its Clear Black Display, these Clear Black Displays seem to be Nokia’s answer to Apple’s Retina displays, therefore we thought we would see how they compare.

The E7’s display has a 4-inch diagonal and features a resolution of 640 x 360, the iPhone 4 has a 3.5-inch diagonal and a resolution of 960 x 640, in terms of pixels per inch the iPhone 4’s retina display is far superior, however how do they compare in terms of clarity etc?

According to Engadget the E7’s CBD Is more vibrant and brighter than the iPhone 4, however color saturation was not great, you can see the devices side-by-side below.

Without having both devices in your hand it is impossible to tell the difference, however we are assured that the E7’s AMOLED display is on par with the Samsung Galaxy S, this is a huge compliment.

For me the most important thing is good clarity in outdoor conditions, at the moment we have not seen the E7 in sunlight, therefore we will have to hold our judgement, at least we can see that the CBD display is holding its own against the iPhone 4.

Source: Engadget

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  • E7 is better than iphone 4 ……Better display , functions and QWERTY keyboard too….and above all cheaper than iphone 4.

  • E7 is better than iphone 4 ……Better display , functions and QWERTY keyboard too….and above all cheaper than iphone 4.

  • Thrisanth

    why all phone compare with iphone4????????… please understand there is no substitute for iphone4 now…….

    • Najsmoludji

      iPhone 4s?

  • Dimitri

    E7 is cool.

  • faizal


  • jose Zepeda

    long live to the company that know how to create the best phones NOKIA. The E7 is everything I dreamed for, and it has defeated the Iphone 4.

  • nny107

    for businessman nokia e7 has no equal, these defined the mobile tech. i give my iphone4 to my son, its only for kids to entertain, not for a business man.

  • Darius

    If you wanna pay for the sleek design, display and glass technology you should by an iphone4. If you wanna pay for the mobile technology then you should buy an E7.

  • Zoheb

    iPhone4 or E7 or Galaxy S ?? I believe it solely depend on one's personal preference. However, if one has to consider Sleek Look, Cool Features, Great Usability and most important of all Smooth and Precision Touch Experience they should consider purchasing an iPhone4. This black glass slab is an amazing machine. 😀

  • Kalyan

    I have iphone 4 samsung galaxy i9000 and nokia e7. For me the rating is no. 1 is nokia e7, then iphone 4 and then samsung galaxy. Though there are many featres in nokia e7 which are not in iphone 4 (and most likely wont be in iphone 5 or 6f either) iphone has certain things which are amazin

    • Lua Sy

      I am using E90 n very happy wit it but need a replacement 4 tis aging thing. One problem E90 has which Nokia have not resolved is that messages stuck in Outbox can only be deleted one at a time. Cannot be deleted by marking or by smart suite/Ovi. Please let me know whether E7 have the same problem. Tq.

  • meriam

    i have an i phone 4 and ithink it is COoOL. THere is no matter with it 🙂

  • Satish

    e7 is irresitable. i phone can never be compared with nokia when it comes to user satisfaction.


    INCREDIBLE NOKIA E7. VERY BEAUTIFUL. I CANT WAIT TO BUY IT. NOKIA SURPRISES ME AGAIN AND I LIKE IT! NOKIA COMES BACK…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

    • abdulmannan

      incredible nokia e7

      • abdulmannan

        nokia e7 very beautiful

        • faizal

          NOKIA ia crap bull shit… how dare youy compare nokia with IPHONE???? bull shit

  • diablo

    Another thing….besides the fact that the CBD is brighter and more vibrant than the Retina, the Retina has a slight blue hue to the screen which is not highly desirable.

  • Shri

    I still prefer Physical keyboard. I prefer E7 and, iphone is more restricted to apple. Even after paying hundreds of pounds we have to follow what jobs says (how to hold a phone) and the camera pixels matter so E7 wins in that way. File transfer via Bluetooth is still not available for iphone which again a drawback. I do agree apple apps store is huge but practically how many unique apps are there in store, even all are unique, are we going to use all of them. And i feel OVI store has all required apps to use phone for the fullest. Iphone is really nice looking but is strong enough with glass on both side. Iphone don’t have Dolby sound quality and especially we can’t connect it to TV at all, which is there in E7.

  • lokienloki

    But if this one will be available for the world, and landing on a price of 500 USD. Why not? Latest Impression for E7 Phone.