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Halo Reach Xbox 360 Release: End of An Era for Bungie

After three years of development time, the moment has finally arrived for Xbox 360 owners. Unless you have acquired an early copy, Halo Reach finally launches today worldwide – are you ready for it?

To get you in the mood before you pick up your copy, we have picked out this decent article from the Wall Street Journal. They have manged to get hold of Bungie’s Joseph Tung, executive producer for Halo Reach, about his thoughts on the game’s release today.

He reveals that the facial animations seen in the game were only possible on the Xbox 360 hardware, and also the fact that Halo Reach wouldn’t of been possible to make 10 years ago from a technological aspect.

What is next for Bungie though after Halo Reach? Will we possibly see them work on a PS3 title as previously speculated? Check out the article in full and let us know what you think of it. Review Roundup here.


  • James

    ps3 sucks if you ask me i had it and i only got shit out of it i'm glad i sold it and bought a 360

  • mushi mush

    never liked halo… ps3 can have it


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