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FIFA 11: PS3 Gameplay Video Shows Advanced Defence Tactics

If you have not been impressed with the defensive tactics featured in previous FIFA games we have some good news for you, a video from FIFA 11 has been released which shows some pretty impressive changes which have been made to defensive side of FIFA gameplay.

We have embedded the video at the end of the end of this post, the video shows the PS3 version of the game during the advanced defending tutorial.

The video shows you how you can jockey attackers and wingers, also it shows you how to perform a running jockey, a jockey press and a secondary press. These defensive tactics are hard to explain so scroll down to watch the video if you are interested.

I am glad that EA has improved the defensive side of FIFA, let’s just hope the rest of the game is equally as good.

Do you think that these improvements will make FIFA 11 better than Pro Evolutions Soccer 2011?

Source: JoyStiq



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