Chase Website Down: Online Banking Problems

By Jamie Pert - Sep 14, 2010

If you use Chase financial services you may have noticed that their online banking system is currently down, which is obviously a huge inconvenience for all of their clients.

No official reason for the downtime has been stated, however other parts of their site are working fine, which pretty much means that their is either a problem with internet banking side of their website or perhaps they are updating the system.

Upon further inspection it seems as if Chase are experiencing a “technical problem” (according to WashingtonPost), however they have not released full information regarding the outage, which would be extremely useful for their users.

Are you disappointed with the lack of information that there has been from Chase?

Source: WashingtonPost

Welcome to CHASE a leading global financial services firm with operations in more that 60 countries. Chase is a leader in investment banking, …

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  • Thank you for your post!

  • I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts New Balance Outlet . Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

  • anuubat

    Doesn't matter what the problem is. Chase should notify the customers about the problem.

  • Greg

    The problem is coming from Eastern Europe. This is a massive attack involving even government sites. Homeland Security is keeping their comments to themselves. This is like a 9/11 attack except the damage will be economic.

  • Gisselle

    I'm extremetely dissapointed with chase because I went to a branch this mornig and ask the clerk if she knew what was going on with the online service or when was going to be restored and they just acted like if they didn't know that the system was down.
    while I was ther another gentlement show up just to ask the same thing and they just looked at each other like stu……if this continues by tomorrow I will definetely close my account. and I'm sure many people will because this could be something serious like a syber war or something and they don't want to tel us.

  • Valerie

    Site still down as of 1:22 pm MST. Not good, I would certainly apprecite more info from Chase – since their homepage is available they could certainly provide more info….

  • Alexa

    Site still down, hold time is forever to speak to a Customer Service agent. Definitely time to change banks, ING Direct gives you interest with their free checking, and the e-mail you each time a transaction is made on your debit card. Chase actually debited my account recently for $50 by a merchant using a CLOSED debit card, and one rep in God know where told me that it's a one in a billion error, while another rep told me that merchants have 60 days AFTER you close a card for transactions to be processed. When you outsource your operations you lose any respect or care for your customers. BOYCOTT CHASE!

  • Misc

    I spoke with someone at one of the branches a few minutes ago & they said that Chase shutdown the site due to intrusion or hacking attempts. They said other banks were experiencing similar attacks. He also said they brought the site back up earlier today, but took it back down when the attacks started again. You have to take this with a grain of salt, you never know if they are right or are giving all the information.

  • Xman

    Chase is still down at this moment 11AM PDT. It looks like the site is up but they dont accept my account/password.

  • Josh

    The chase site broke again. Cannot get it to login.

  • Tom

    Chase sucks! Two days of this crap. Wells Fargo here I come.

  • Crag

    Chae still down on West coast as of 8:25 a.m.

    • Jocelyn

      It's still down and it is 3:02 PM EST. I logged in and it return me back to the login page. Does anyone know when it will be back up.

  • TDA

    Wednesday 11:05AM EST. The site may be back online apparently, but it does not allow me to log in… it does not accept my password (even though I am sure 100% it is the right one) and the password reset feature does not work either… so it is as good as down… oh and I have been on hold with the "hotline" fo rover 25mn… so much for the “right reltaionship”.

    • Jane

      I had same problem. It is because the site is down not because you can't access using your login info. I thought I was being blocked someone how as well so I called. They are still down. This is ominous.

  • Sara

    Back down again.

  • Josh

    The Site is back up, I was able to log in, it's 1:20 am Eastern time (-5 GMT)

  • Mark

    Everybody calm down. I have made several transactions with my debit card and also paying bills online in the last 24 hours and everything has been transacted properly. I just went to my local Chase ATM and my balance reflects that all is well except for a paper check that I snail mailed to Hawaii and the paper check to my home owner's association. Both those particular checks still not being cashed is perfectly normal as I only sent the check to Hawaii two days ago and my HOA hangs onto my checks about a month before they cash them.

  • Jonathan

    Chase u s*ck donkey d*ck ..

  • ughh

    been trying to log on since Monday night :/

  • I blame it on China!

  • Brandon

    The "outage" has now exceeded 24 hours, and millions of Chase online customers are ready to switch banks. Look for a spike in the New York unemployment rate after the entire Chase IT Department is fired.

    • Gunga

      you men spike in unemployment in Mumbai and Manilla. They've been offshoring IT like crazy.

  • concerned

    6:19pm tuesday. per a live telephone rep they do not yet have an eta for system to be available ! 🙁

  • cuz

    what the hell?!?!?!

  • Brian

    Regular maintenance is expected but it is hard to see how Chase respects and values me as a customer when they make no attempt to offer an explanation for their site being down.