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T-Mobile G2: Radio Shack Price Cheaper Than Best Buy

A few days ago we revealed that Best Buy would be offering the T-Mobile G2 smartphone for $199.99, it looks as if retail rival Radio Shack has undercut this price.

According to the official Radio Shack Twitter feed, they will be offering the G2 for $149.99, making it $50 cheaper than Best Buy, this is made possible by an instant $50 rebate upon purchase

You can see the tweet here, it reads “The T-Mobile G2 with Google is coming to @RadioShack. Only $149.99 with 2-yr agreement (instant rebate!). Stay tuned for info”.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Best Buy answer this by reducing their price, they have not announced anything yet, however I think it would be in their interest to match Radio Shack’s offer.

The G2 is in my opinion a steal for $149.99, you can see full specs here, will you buy the T-Mobile G2? If not, what smartphone will you choose instead?

Source: IntoMobile



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