Sony PS3: Cross-Game Chat – Update from Sony

By Alan Ng - Sep 13, 2010

For those of you who are still waiting for Sony to release the cross-game chat feature for the Sony PS3, we have an update from Sony themselves for you now, although it is nothing to get excited about.

As reported from Playstation Lifestyle, Lex Scheuble, the Marketing Manager for the Playstation Network delivered the following message on the US PS Blog, in a FAQ topic on Playstation Plus:

“We are constantly working on new services and features to enhance your PlayStation experience; however, Cross-Game Chat was not announced as a part of PlayStation Plus’ features. We know that Cross-Game Chat is a functionality our fans are extremely interested in and we are always striving to improve the PlayStation Network experience and services.”

Basically, Sony are still not ready to confirm the feature for PS3 owners, even though the company knows that gamers badly want it. We wonder is it really worth getting our hopes up on a feature that may never release in the future?

Personally, I think if it was coming soon, Sony would of announced it as an added bonus for Playstation Plus. Since they didn’t, I don’t think that cross-game chat is coming anytime soon – what do you think?

Keep on dreaming PS3 users. The company has enough on their plate with all the problems with firmware update 3.42 anyway.

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  • Priceron89

    Having both consoles,is a much need feature on PS3. I may play it much more after that…seriously. Its also on of the main features that prevent man of my Xbox 360 friends from getting a PS3. Leavings you online buddies is hard especially when your’re so use to talkiing to them, and is greeted on startup.

  • Alex

    After receiving the Xbox as a gift this Christmas I am now the owner of both consoles and can definately say that for me the Party chat feature's would improve the Ps3 since this is probably the only feature I prefer on the Xbox! If all the hype about the Ps3 Jailbreak is to be believed perhaps we'll see a third party or homebrew addition that delivers these features!

  • Killasam

    Cross Game Chat is a neccessary feature for all gaming online. I have needed this so many times when I was in a game and a friend was waiting to get in. 5 minutes is a long time and talking to friend and not listening to loud idiots would be a preference that would be nice for Plus members. I am already a member and would have thought this would be the bonus people have been looking for.

  • nick

    everyone stop getting butthurt about us wanting cross game chat. no ones saying xbox is better we just want one little feature to where u can talk to ur friends while on different games. or u just wanna get away from the annoying ass people in game. i have both an xbox 360 and a ps3 and i like ps3 better for the games and free online. but they can add one more feature that 50,000 people have asked for. if ps3 adds it then ps3 would be 100x better than xbox imo. please sony for godsake just add it already!!!!


    For some time i was hoping that sony would add these feature but after whaiting for ID change never happend, cross game chat neve happend, voice massaging and all these features that i whanted and then i realised hey i like i'm sure alot of you games out there have a X360 and they have all these features sure they charge 50.00 a year but they fix the porblems they have fast and now ps3 charges to i feel bad to say these cause i like ps3 but X360 is just way too ahed of the game !!!!

  • cody

    i actually dont think it will come, the ps3 isnt very good at muti tasking, ever had your ps3 when trying to send a message to a friend while a game is loading? i've had it mutiple times thus i doubt a game could be be playing and loading and stuff, while another person is doing the same on a different game

  • nok1888

    As long as they do the 360 style of chat where they can choose game chat or party chat it wont be a big problem that way if your playing a game with people who are not talking you can switch to cross game chat and talk to friends. To make it work they HAVE to add this feature to choose

  • mushi mush

    to Tony:

    why you call Move a Wiimote copy cat?? Okay, what was first PS or Xbox? Playstation of course. From your logic it means that xbox controller is PS copy cat. Same applies to cars… who invented the wheel? Now all cars are bloody copies 🙂
    It is all about making better old good stuff. You dont need to invent wheel again, just make it work better. Thats exactly what Move does if you compare with Wii.

  • @Tony I'm enjoying the enhanced downloading and tons free content / early access that PS+ brings. And having reviewed Move over at – I'll never go back to the Wii as Move kicks its ass (tried R.U.S.E and Resident Evil 5 last night with Move and they are very very satisfying!).

  • Tony

    PS3 seems regressing, features taken out of the console, PS+ nothing but a discount service, PSN badly lacking in real features and now Move a Wiimote copy cat.

  • mushi mush

    cross game chat is a stupid idea which should be scrapped and forgotten for good! Whats wrong with the people nowadays??!! They want to run other OS on ps3 (get a PC maybe?) and tehy want to use ps3 as a phone (get a phone suckers!). Cross chat, huh? I dont want to play cod and talk with my mates some rubbish which has nothing to do with the game you are playing. Nonsense! I guess all those moaners are fake ps3 users and they just want to discredit our console. Go back to your xbox and use cross chat with your mum!!

  • Guest

    Man by the time we have it the PS4 will already be released

  • The Future of Sega

    Absolutely fucking not! You're better off sniffing a crocodile's ass than hoping for a feature from Sony. Sorry, those fuckers never come through. 🙂

  • PS3wannaBe

    Personally I hate cross game chat. When I game online I like my team mates to work as a team to defeat the common enemy, not being distracted basically talking on the phone with their friends. I think it's just stupid. Chat on gaming is to communicate with the people in that gaming session. If you want to talk to your friend, get off the game and call. otherwise my side might lose so you could cross game chat.

    • pedr

      you do know that not everyone plays online games 24/7 and besides on games like MW2 noone works together and all my mates have mic's so when were on we work together but i'd like to be able to talk to my mates whilst playing something like fifa or red dead redemption, i'm not having a go but understand online gaming like call of duty is the be all and end alll

  • Jasen

    It will come…sooner or later, but I don't think it will be anytime soon…if the have to plug up another future jailbrake with another firmware update, it would be a nice added bonus to throw it in 😉 Otherwise…I'm sure it will show up next year and it will be part of the Plus subscription