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Sony PS3: Cross-Game Chat – Update from Sony

For those of you who are still waiting for Sony to release the cross-game chat feature for the Sony PS3, we have an update from Sony themselves for you now, although it is nothing to get excited about.

As reported from Playstation Lifestyle, Lex Scheuble, the Marketing Manager for the Playstation Network delivered the following message on the US PS Blog, in a FAQ topic on Playstation Plus:

“We are constantly working on new services and features to enhance your PlayStation experience; however, Cross-Game Chat was not announced as a part of PlayStation Plus’ features. We know that Cross-Game Chat is a functionality our fans are extremely interested in and we are always striving to improve the PlayStation Network experience and services.”

Basically, Sony are still not ready to confirm the feature for PS3 owners, even though the company knows that gamers badly want it. We wonder is it really worth getting our hopes up on a feature that may never release in the future?

Personally, I think if it was coming soon, Sony would of announced it as an added bonus for Playstation Plus. Since they didn’t, I don’t think that cross-game chat is coming anytime soon – what do you think?

Keep on dreaming PS3 users. The company has enough on their plate with all the problems with firmware update 3.42 anyway.



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