Samsung Fascinate: Android 2.2 Froyo Update to get Google Search

By Alan Ng - Sep 13, 2010

There has been a lot of talk lately on the inclusion of Bing search for the new Samsung Fascinate phone on Verizon Wireless. The good news, is that Google Search will be available as an option in the forthcoming Android 2.2 Froyo Update.

As reported from BGR, a Verizon spokesman has now issued a statement clarifying the matter, and confirmed that Google Search will be coming soon.

However, the key thing here is that Google Search will not replacement Bing Search as a default option, so when you still press the search button on the Fascinate, it will bring up a Bing search. So while you’ll be able to get a Google Search running on Android 2.2 Froyo, you will need to open up the application everytime to do so.

As for the update itself, we still dont have a confirmed period for when it will be dropping live for users. More details over at BGR. Are you disappointed about Bing being a default search option?

An unboxing video of the Fascinate can be seen here.

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  • E@mail.comE

    Bing search on google phone!

  • Judy

    I have the fascinate and it lives up to its name really . Bing is the search engine but it is not that bad.

  • Abro

    So I think the guys over at cnet said it best. that when it comes to search google is the standard and still superior to bing, so why are they not only making bing standard but completely blocking you from using anything but bing? it just doesn't make sense. I guess verizon hasn't changed after all, they still like to take great phones and cripple them with bloatware and proprietary junk apps. Makes me want to go to sprint.

    • Abby Normal

      Microsoft payed a looooooooot of money to block competition with their new bing campaign.

      Too bad they dont reserve a better sounding domaign name

  • speedy

    Is my fascinate going to get 2.2 and/flash anytime soon. I have 28 days to return the thing if not

  • Johnny

    People need to stop being morons

    go to your internet settings and set google as your default browser I have and love this phone the real problem is the froyo update taking forever and the crappy speaker quality

    Other than that it’s the best screen quality is unmatched but the droid x has flash support

  • Cyryl

    Either that or do what I did…

    ROOT the phone. Rename the packages and/or save it on SD card. Install the Google Search and Voice Search APK's… A couple of times if need be. I managed to completely de-bing the phone.

    You can find plenty of info HERE:

    And HERE for info on getting Google search services working – on both search button AND voice search on-button:

    I can assure you… You might have to F with it a little… But I got it working 100%. As though Bing NEVER existed.

    Although I wasn't going to cry about it being on my phone. I mean… Google maps IS available, after all… And it's easy to make a shortcut.

    But I have to tell you. I like Bing on PC. I F'ING HATE IT on Anroid. Especially the maps. USELESS.

  • Rick

    the galaxy has the nicest display out there and weighs less.people are morons.just have to go to

    • josh

      agree and google maps is in the market

  • Rick

    Here's an idea….open your browser, go to google, bookmark, set as a shortcut. problem solved.

    • Phillip Blanton

      Rick. That's not true. Sure, you can always find a way to search with Google, but Bing is mapped to the search button on the phone and the only way to de-bing it is to root your phone and make the change. Problem is most regular users won't ever root their phone, so only the tech-elite will have Google search on the fascinate, while people like my mom will be stuck with Bing; just so Verizon can make a few extra bucks off of Microsoft.

      To re-frame the issue, imagine that Google made a deal with Dell to remove IE from Windows 7 and install Chrome as the default (only) browser. Dell might make a few extra dollars off of the deal on a sale-by-sale basis, but business users would be apoplectic. Not to get into a religious discussion about which browser is best, most business web apps are written to target IE. If IE doesn't exist and can't be installed on a Dell, then Dell's instantly become useless to businesses.

    • Phillip Blanton

      While this is not the exact same thing, it is close. Android is a Google operating system and people who buy android phones expect it to have Google search. Now if Verizon wants to install Bing as the default, that's fine, as long as Google search can be downloaded and installed such that it replaces Bing. That's not what they have done though, so it is a really big deal.

    • Lorena

      Amen, it's that simple:)

  • Bob

    Bing isn't horrible; however, I do prefer Google. Probably a better tactic on Verizon's part would have been to make Bing be the default as shipped, but still allow the user to change the default to Google is they so desired. I also do not like the fact that I'm unable to remove some of the Verizon value added software that takes up internal memory on my Fascinate. I find this quite annoying! This is my first smart phone and I do like the hardware a lot; however, I'm considering looking into rooting my phone to get around some of the Verizon unremovable "bloatware" that I'll never use as well as making Google my default search.

  • joe r

    I would not have bought the fascinate had I known it is only available with Bing. Bing is totally useless as a search function. It’s maps are inferior. Yay… I get two years with Bing bong unless Verizon comes to their senses and goes Google like every other owner would like.

    • howie

      I asked my verizon salesman to set me up with google and it works perfectly whenever i hit my browser button…ask them maybe they can help

  • Avid

    Unbelievable. Does Verizon want people to hate them? Google is why people buy ANDROID, Verizon! GET WITH THE PROGRAM. I think I'll pass on the Fascinate.. Better phones are coming next year anyway.

    • Lorena

      I have the fascinate, it is really fantastic, all you have to do is bookmark and then make a shortcut to google,also have the navigation through google and is great, make a shortcut is real simple, the phone is fast, without quirks and have a great display

      • Ron

        Hi lorena can you help me with this google mess thanks Ron

      • John

        This works great!

    • Jason

      The Bing feature really isn't that big of a deal. With the open app market, it is easy to bypass it all together. I just downloaded dolphin browser (which I would have anyway) and changed the home page to google. Then I put the google search bar on my home screen and whenever I search through that (or just by going into my browser) it uses google.

      • Drake

        Hi Jason… I found that Dolphin Browser HD is awesome on the Facinate, but what I'm having as issue with is adding the google search bar on my home screen. I've already saved google as my home page, so all I need is the last step. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

  • Will

    I still have 27 days to return this phone

  • Ray Saenz, Realtor

    Very dissapointed to read this? why? any clue why they decided to insert bill gates here?
    I can't believe it !