iPhone iOS 4.1: Jailbreak and Unlock – Apple can’t stop it?

By Alan Ng - Sep 13, 2010

We have an interesting article for you to read now, which follows on from the latest jailbreak news for the iPhone 4 running iOS 4.1. The article in question has stated that Apple is powerless to stop users jailbreaking their devices.

According to TheRegister, Apple are going to find it very difficult to combat the latest events that have occurred in the iPhone 4 jailbreaking scene.

As we told you a few days ago, a new bootrom has been found within iOS 4.1, and will allow users to freely jailbreak their iPhone 4 once a solution becomes available.

As a result of this, TheRegister believes that Apple will have to make ‘significant hardware changes’ due to the new bootrom, but will they release a new update so soon after iOS 4.1?

Meanwhile the hackers are urging everyone to stay on iOS 4.0.2 until a jailbreak solution becomes available – which doesn’t seem to be too long until that happens.

What are your thoughts on this? What do you think Apple will/should do?

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  • Taneea

    My nephew wants a I-phone for X-mas. He lives in Asia.
    Can i get an unlocked I-Phone and send it to him?
    Can he be able to use it? Does the unlock phone
    will have all the excess to youtube/facebook?

  • Ramesh

    yes, it can be unlocked. my iphone 3gs is running on os 4.1 with new firmware 05.14.02. i got it unlocked from a store.

  • iphoneuser

    can the iphone 3g 4.1 be unlocked

    • khurram

      yes i have done it

  • Patrick

    Can you unlock and iPhone on 4.1?

  • ^— is a idiot. There is no unlock at the moment for the modem firmware of 05.14.02. Now engrain this into ur mind for now ok. If you have updated to the newest firmware of 4.1 you may suffer the consequences and sit tight and pray that a jailbreak and unlock is released with the next firmware of 4.2, i assume. Limera1n does not unlock ur phone. It allows you to update to the 4.1 firmware and preserve your old baseband and reuse ultrasn0w to unlock again. So to reiterate…………..Sit tight,wait for the 4.2 update and then wait for the expoit to be released by a dev team. I will place a guess on it and say 9-15th of november and hopefully that will be the latest.

  • iphone geek

    limera1n.com for 4.1 jb and unlock

  • Nick

    guys.. i got iphone 3gs with bootloader 6.4
    modem firmware 5.14.02
    anyone get any solution to unlocked it T_T

  • Apple Sux

    Dont upgrade to 4.1 – i bought second hand Iphone – and upgraded, now I am locked out of the phone – Ironically my GF thought I had turned the phone off and dumped my arse….nice one apple, my phone is now a paper weight – last time I buy an apple product thats for sure…

    Evven if the new JB comes out, I cant even connect to itunes to download it as it must be a registered sim……very illegla for apple to remove software of their choosing from my phone

    • Sam

      Why the F* keep it locked anyways ???

  • Konstantin

    Guys for real. 4.1 JB is coing it's a fact so … will that 4.1 JB also work with 4.0.2 ? IF not I say upgrade to 4.1 ….what you think

  • ashmit

    can some 1 help me with iphone jailbreak for 4.0.2
    i bough the phone with this?
    do u think it is wise to upgrade it to 4.1
    if yes to any of the above please send me the links how to go abt with procedures

  • Mrod1828

    Can I jail break my iPod touch 4 generation? Or do I have to down grade and if so how do I do that? I just want a jailbroke IPod..

  • Timmywoodz

    I bought the iphone4 I’m not leasing it, I can do whatever I want with it. And they are telling people who have jailbroken the iphone4 not to update because you can use it with the jailbreak perks. Apple need to just get over it and let the public purchase their product and get stupid paid not paid and be stupid.

    • justinxtreme

      no, that's not right.

      Jailbreaking itself is nothing bad, but it also opens the door for piracy.

      If they just let people be able to jailbreak their phones officially then app developers will not want to develop apps for the iPhone anymore since most people might downlaod it through Installous or such.

      They're doing the right thing, just like Sony did with the PSP cause if they let them hack the PSP freely it would equal no games 🙂

  • john

    how do you downgrade . jailbreak says version to new ?

  • Daniel

    interestingly enough i have 4.0.2 on my phone, and i managed to unlock and jailbreak it with blackra1n and redsn0w
    didnt know there was an issue with unlocking 4.0.2…. it simply worked

    • MadScientist


      Is it an iPhone 4?
      Did you buy it from a retailer with 4.0.2 or did you upgrade to 4.0.2, and had already saved your SHSH blobs with Cydia?

      • jerseyboy

        That's what I wanna know, that's if it's true.

    • Ashmit

      hey dude how did u do it can u mail me the links on to ashmituberoi@gmail.com
      it will be appreciated……..
      also if possible send me the procedures for doing it

  • Phillyfinest

    I know everybody is waiting for the 4.1jailbreak but they have to make sure it’s a 100 percent !!! If it’s true that apple has that water mark encryption technology on iOS 4.1 after the jailbreak we won’t be able to apple for help anymore if it is true so be patient a let them work out all bugs before the release I’m stuck on 4.1myself I bought the iphone4 with

    4.0.2 preloaded from cupertino but if what they say is true apple will be changing hardware if they can’t kill jailbreaks with iOS updates so you best get your iPhone 4s now before they do over and out from Philly

    • justinxtreme

      coincidentally the case program ends on September 30.

      This could give Apple another reason to change the internal hardware along with a possiblity of improving/changing the antenna on the phone (i don't experience anything that bad but still ya kno)

  • Kirsty

    I’ve heard this jailbreak everyone is talking about isn’t coming out until 4.2 is released. So don’t get too excited…

    • justinxtreme

      no, it's supposed to come out around this or next week.

      they're not really planning on waiting until november. they have two exploits and they're using one for 4.1 and the other for 4.2 🙂

  • Uhhhhhh???? Bootrom in 4.1?!?!? Uhhhhhh bidehbibeh bidehbibeh….. That’s all I got to say about that…. LMAO! stay on 4.0.2???? Who’s writing this???? I think I just got dumber through osmosis!

  • Amir54

    Another more crap.. We knew all that about a week ago that an boot exploit has been found by Dev Teams member @pod2g..

    And so far they say dont update to 4.1
    And no jailbreak/Unlock will be released for 4.0.2
    So please dont misguide people to stay on 4.0.2!!!
    So ONLY suported Jailbreak is for 4.0.1 or older firmware.
    Next time write an article with some breaking news tec relase dato eta or so…

  • nsphoto

    i have 4.0.2 on my iphone 3g jailbroken and unlocked.


    when will the 4.1 jailbreak eta. be ready and im upset i upgraded to 4.1

    • Same here bro, I need the 4.1 jailbreak asap to use it for tmobile

  • will

    I feel like you have provided no new information that any 4.1 post couldnt have offered a week ago.

  • jimmy

    When is this jailbreak out? I'm stuck on 4.0.2 as i bought it with that IOS and there for have no shsh blobs to allow me to downgrade!!

    • Dude, if you bought yours with 4.0.2 (I know that feeling) I say go ahead and put 4.1 on it. Why not? Its not like your going to ruin your JB or unlock (since you cant do it anyways). and you will already be on 4.1 when the JB does come out 🙂

      • justinxtreme

        no don't go ahead.

        you can still do the unlock (the original baseband) all you have to do is use the firmware umberlla to keep your baseband and at the same time update to 4.1 🙂

  • Mio

    I think that apple will release unlocked versions as soon as their contract with AT&T is over with. There is no reason to stop the inevitable

    Thank you for not giving up hackers

  • Donkey Kong

    Nice reporting donkey! 4.0.2 will ruin anyone's jailbreak! How about you everyone stay at 4.0 or 4.0.1. That is the correct answer!

    • jerseyboy

      lol, what he meant is for all the users that updated to 4.0.2 stay on it and just wait for a jailbreak for 4.1 before they update.

    • Eamir.ali

      no actually your wrong you can unlock and jailbreak 4.0.2. My iphone is running ios 4.0.2 I got it unlocked and jailbroken through Ebay for £3.00.

  • Harrison1992

    When will the iOS 4.1 jailbreak be released

    • ronney

      it already has been released. its called "greenpois0n"

  • richard

    yes i am one of those people who brought the iphone 4 unlocked and had to load all the software to register the phone including the latest firmware 4.1 and was unaware until i had update and load the software from itunes. I there is a jailbreak for the 4.1 software soon !


  • Marcus

    While I understand that any decent software company is required to close security holes, I think Apple has taken it a little too far. I have owned Apple hardware since the beginning and have always been loyal. But I can't remember the last time I went to install Windows XP and was told "Sorry, you can't do that". I should be able to put any version of the OS on my phone as I like. Seriously Steve, I'm this close to jumping ship – most of my friends already have. I'm hoping things change.

  • Marc

    How can apple sell unlocked phones with 4.1? What about all of those phones that were sold unlocked and they updated now they are locked again. How stupid can you get

    • Kosame

      1st of all, apple does sell unlocked iPhones…hence the factory unlocked in "factory unlocked iphones"
      2nd, It doesn't state that the new 4.1FW iphones will be unlocked. Hackers have found an exploit in the new bootrom that may be able to jailbreak/unlock the iphones.
      3rd. People who have updated their iphone 4's to 4.0.2 should stay on 4.0.2 and wait for the next jailbreak to come out. iphone 3G/3GS's on 4.0.2 can still jailbreak their iphones, just not with jailbreakme. If you are on 4.1, hopefully you used the update method that doesn't update the baseband. If you didn't use that method, just hope that the next unlock will support the new baseband, or that Geohot's pwned4life comes out as a success soon.

    • Mark L

      A foreign sold unlock phone does not become locked by updating the IOS.

  • mark

    "the hackers are urging everyone to stay on iOS 4.0.2" ???????