iPhone 4/3GS Jailbreak: Cydia App Store Merge for iOS 4.1

By Alan Ng - Sep 13, 2010

We have some good news for those of you who regularly use Cydia and Rock on your jailbroken iPhone handset, as the makers of Cydia have announced that the two app stores have merged – which only means a good thing for it’s users.

As reported from RedmondPie, those of you who regularly use the Rock app to download apps to your jailbroken handset will now see all the content moved onto Cydia, in the next few days according to Cydia’s creators.

This may be a disappointment for those of you who preferred Rock over Cydia, but at least you won’t have to shuffle between two stores now with all content moving to Cydia.

Don’t worry if you are concerned about the stuff you bought from Rock in the past, as Cydia will now contain all of your information, including backups. Look out for the new Cydia update in the next few days.

Are you happy about this or not?

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  • Tonio

    I’ve been trying to find the new cydia update that makes the iphone run alot faster since forever anyone know how to find it and download it?

  • Kirsty

    Cydia crashes alot & still has packages in it that aren’t compatible with iOS 4. I guess because ppl are always downgrading since iOS 4 sucks & everything still works on 3.xx? I’m just glad that iacces & sbflasher still work

  • Steveo1825

    If Cydia can load as Rock does in the background, I’m all for dealing with one store.

  • MadScientist

    These articles have no substance. Even the title is misleading…

    It talks about the merger of Cydia and Rock for IOS 4.1.
    Cydia and Rock can only be accessed with a Jailbroken phone.
    IOS 4.1 hasn't been Jailbroken yet !
    Therefore you cant use Cydia and Rock (merged or not) on IOS 4.1

    If you're going to report then do it accurately and unambiguously. Or is your main goal to sensationalise (distort) news to get punters to your site to click on ads?

  • howard denardo

    sometimes cydia crash during i launch it then, i open rock app then, reinstall cydia app from the rock. then, cydia is work now. i decide i rather to keep rock for in case cydia crash again?!?!?

  • Blah blah blah

    Blah blah blah ahh how’s about jailbreak for ios4 4.1 for iPhone4 !

    Everyone says it has been done or can be done ! I’m calling bluff ain’t nobody jailbreak it yet can we say shcinanagans!!

  • Richard

    Rock is the nicer on-phone app and crashes less often

  • confuzd

    Icy isn't coming back bro.

  • Bryon Brock

    The new iOS jailbreak has been anounced: http://www.iphone-hacks.com/2010/09/13/ios-4-1-ja

  • Leland

    Well Cydia needs to be rewritten, it is god-awful slow.

  • Pac-H

    Cydia has definitely more content, but I really like the simplicity and speed of ICY. I really hope someone gets it back on-line.

    • Bri


  • russdogg

    Cydia obviously has more stuff, but I love the rock app's interface and updated UI. Cydia looks ghetto and can be confusing at times.

  • Toren

    The while reason I used rocked was for the ability to download and install while simultaneously searching for other packages. Are they going to change how Cydia looks and works too?

    • ernie

      it migth matter because you might be paying for all of that right?

    • Bri

      I hope that they use Cydia's packages, and Rock's AMAZING UI.