Halo Reach: Cheapest Price in UK – Tesco?

By Alan Ng - Sep 13, 2010

We have some good news for our readers in the UK who haven’t pre-ordered Halo Reach on the Xbox 360 yet, as UK supermarket Tesco has revealed that they will be slashing the price again on release day.

As reported from VG247, you will probably know that Tesco has built up a reputation by challenging all the gaming stores in the country with their ultra low prices in order to get the most sales.

They did it with Modern Warfare 2 when it came out, and they are doing it with Halo Reach too. Judging by the screenshot captured below, the supermarket will be offering the game for just £28. However, in order to get it at this price, you’ll need to buy a 2100 Microsoft Points card too, which does take the gloss out of this deal a bit.

Considering the game has a full retail price of £49.99 though, this is still a pretty good offer from Tesco. Are you interested in this, or have you already seen a better deal elsewhere? Let us know below! Check out the amazing reviews for the game here.

Via Frugal Gaming

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  • duddbudda

    sorry sgt garland there is no legislation anywhere in EU or US that relates to advertised/marked prices; the contract is only extant at the point of sale, at which time the price is specified[quoted] and then agreed to (or not) by each partie. Whoever and however you pay the only binds to shelf price are decency, honesty and accountability; to our societies' credit (whether through misinformation or not) we largely behave as if it were law.
    I can't quite remember but do vaguely recall that precedent restricts false advertising charges to the content and delivery of goods and services not applicable charges, which, as mentioned, are contracted to the customer individually at PoS. I think the reason is protecting retailers of fiscal products from their fluctuating markets. Good practice is the disclaimer 'We reserve the right to withdraw this offer without notice[/]at any time' though this is implicit unless otherwise stated. So look for words like guaranteed, which are binding, whereas 50% off is not.
    As an infrequent counter-intuitive case in point I was recently sold[quote&contract] Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising at curries for £4.99 despite it's being labeled 'Reduced to clear £9.97' – seeing as I'd mislead myself by reading a review of the Windows version, which contains hugely greater multiplayer capacities than the X360 copy this mac user had to obtain, and have had to spend a further 800 Microsoft Points on slightly narrowing the chasm. Not that I'm bitter, £12ish for the most demanding shooter on the market is very reasonable.
    Wow, where did that essay come from?

  • Sgt Garland

    guys if tesco dont stock the 2100 points at the time of purchase they are legally obliged to still sell you reach for the 28 quid. enjoy

  • kaos41

    GAME trade in deal I got £25 for MW2 HR cost me just £15

  • nic

    tried the tesco one online but the discount doesnt seem to be applied!rubbish!

  • BigBobBrownlow

    I looked online for a voucher code and found one for 15% off at Tesco Entertaiment. The code didn't work online so I contacted their customer service department. I was told to input my order and then they would refund 15% onto my credit card. I insisted on an email confirmation and have just received it, together with another email to say the game is in the post. I ordered the collectors edition which retails at Tesco for £49.70 and it's only costing £42.21.

  • TheBusterMan

    Hmmm, I went into my local Tesco in Clevedon this morning,and it's priced at £37.70,no mentions of any deal when you buy the 2100 ms points.I asked about the deal and was told I had to have 2100 points already on my xbox 360 and I would get the game for £28.(?)I tried to explain that the deal was supposed to involve buying the 2100 points and halo in the shop and this would result in me getting the game for £28,plus the points which should total around £45,but no,'that's not how it works' said the assistant.I just gave up,they didn't even have the points for sale,just halo for £37.70Guess I'll have to get the game at Morrisons for £35.Has anyone else had any problems with the Tesco deal?

  • angry

    i went in to my local tesco today in orpington (a huge store) and the electronics department didnt know about the deal, neither did customer services. they were all so un helpful and clearly you have to have an iq of less than 80 or be mentally retarded to work for them. by the way, they only do self service in there at midnight tonight so if you dont want to pay for anything just walk out with it.

  • Halo reach for £37.47