Halo Reach: 10,000 People Playing Already – But How?

By Alan Ng - Sep 13, 2010

Despite the fact that Halo Reach is not due out officially until Tuesday 14th September, a screenshot taken from the multiplayer servers has confirmed that there are already over 10,000 people playing the game.

If you head over to SarcasticGamer, you’ll see the screenshot which confirms the shocking statistic, a statistic which Microsoft are no doubt aware of. But how has this happened?

The majority of Xbox 360 owners have waited a long time for Halo Reach to arrive, but it looks as if some cannot wait longer than others. While some retailers might be to blame for leaking the game a little early, you have to wonder just how many Xbox 360 owners have a pirate version of the game.

You cannot put this stat down to review copies, or leaked copies from retailers, so the only viable reasoning behind this, is that most of these 10,000 gamers have an illegal copy.

While they might be getting an early thrill playing it before everyone else, they might not be too thrilled when they find out that Microsoft has issued them with a permanent ban from Xbox Live.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you know anyone who is playing this game early? If you haven’t read a review for the game yet, you can check out our review roundup here.

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  • George

    I bought it from a game shop but i havent played it yet. I'll just play it tomorrow when its released.

  • Charlie

    To account for such high numbers there are people that bungi hire to test their new beta of Halo: Reach. These beta Testers are the lucky few who bungie allow to have a copy of the game early. How ever like other people have said you could know a guy who knows a guy, to get a copy. But my question is how could people be buying them early when the bungie wont put it anywhere on the market until 9/14/10?

  • Joe

    My mate has a legit copy he got on Saturday because his brother is friends with a guy who runs an online game shop so got a copy off him and at a discounted price too 🙁

  • David

    I got my pre-order in the mail this afternoon (13th). I'm not game to plug the ethernet cable back into the xbox until midnight. Playing the campaign offline right now.

  • Loads of people in the UK got it sent out on Thursday so chances are that number will rack up when people receive it in the post today. I don't think I will play it if my copy arrives early because Bungie are resetting the scores and everything so what's the point.