Droid X: New Android 2.2 Froyo Update (2.3.13) – Download Now

By Alan Ng - Sep 13, 2010

We have some important news for those of you with a Motorola Droid X now, as we can confirm that a new Android 2.2 Froyo update is now available to download for all rooted handsets.

As reported from MyDroidWorld, the new update is a leaked OTA update from Verizon, and is only accessible for those who have already rooted their devices. If you need instructions on how to root, visit our previous article here.

There are step-by-step instructions over at their Forums, along with the download links for everything you need to upgrade to Froyo 2.3.13. However, they haven’t posted what the update actually enables, or if it adds any new features for users.

If you have experienced updating in this way, you can head to their forum here for all the information you need. For those of you who are willing to try this out, let us know if it works for you, and any notable changes you have seen on your Droid X.

Thanks in advance!

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  • DXuserScubaSteve

    @ waitj2009, you must not be listening with both ears open. If you think Sprint is looking better, jump ship. They DO have the best coverage, fastest network, best customer service…LOL!

  • waitj2009

    I'm really tired of Verizon not doing the OTA update to fix the bugs in the froyo software. I used to think Verizon had it together, but not with this kind of service for their customers. I don't hear of issues like this with the other providers and Sprint is starting to look better all the time. I feel Verizon is leaving the Droid X fix for last and working on other phones for the holiday season. Totally disappointed. Droid X

  • Getphuct

    @Max and Deborah if the phone is new then it should recieve an ota update that updates the 2.1ver. to a different 2.1ver. ending in .604 but still 2.1 Maybe why your friend has no flash 10.1"-Max.

  • Max

    Leaked? I have a friend that received it OTA and acted like I was crazy for complaining until I showed him my DX. He didn’t get flash yet.

  • Deborah

    Leaked? Then why did it automatically download to my phone???

  • Deborah

    Leaked? Then why did it automatically download to my phone???

  • Jdg

    I don't think any "legal action" is necessary against Motorola. They're working hard to satisfy the people with the latest in cell tech. Just keep being patient and you'll get to enjoy Froyo just like everyone else until you get sick of it and start looking for 2.3

  • jprn

    Any legal action against motorola for false advertising of updating to froyo 2.2 "early summer"

  • Paul

    Thanks. Man the fact that the leaked version alreay has an update/new version just futher proofs how past due the official update is. Really getting impatient. Dont understand how Droid X is supposed to be the premier android device out there yet its the last to get a software upgrade.

    • dhaymond

      Thanks Paul; that's exactly what I've Been saying… how is it noted as the best and we pay the money for the best, but get sloppy secs? Droid and incred. it theirs WAY ahead, but we haven't… verizonor whoever, needs to hire these Kats pushing out what they should be. instead of threats.

  • Jeremy

    Heh, so a leaked build has been released AND updated before Moto can even get theirs out the door.

    Maybe instead of threatening the people providing leaked builds with "legal action", they should hire them. They can obviously get sh** done better than the devs at moto.

  • Paul

    Hasnt the leaked version been out for weeks? This is not news. When is the official OTA update. Thats what we care about!!

    • Alan Ng

      Hi Paul, just to let you know.. the leaked version a few weeks ago was this is a new version of Froyo (

      As for the official version, Verizon has delayed it until further notice.. hope this helps.