COD Black Ops: How will Split-Screen Multiplayer Online Work?

By Alan Ng - Sep 13, 2010

We have some great news to bring you now, as it has been confirmed that split-screen online multiplayer on one console is an included feature in the upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops title.

As reported from, some new screenshots obtained has confirmed that split-screen multiplayer will be available, although specific details on how it will work haven’t been mentioned yet.

First of all, we have to say well done to Treyarch for adding this in. Split-screen online on one console is a feature which is rarely used on both the Xbox 360 or PS3, so it will be perfect when you have a friend round and he wants to get in on the action at the same time – no more controller switching, yes!

How will the feature work though, as opposed to XP build up and other things such as unlocks? The ideal solution would be to allow the second player to log in with his own PSN ID or GamerTag, so any XP he unlocks would add to the total on his usual console.

However, it might not happen. It seems more easier for Microsoft to implement this on the Xbox 360 than PS3, but Sony has infact used this feature in the past. It is available in LittleBigPlanet 2, Mod Nation Racers and was also available on Resistance 2, although the second player logged in as (John1) for example, and didn’t rank up at all.

Hopefully we will get the full package and the second player will be allowed to log in to their unique account, but we’ll have to wait and see what Treyarch has in store. We can’t be greedy though. Just having the ability to play with a friend online on one console will be enough for most I’m sure.

What are your thoughts on this? If you have any more details on this particular feature, leave us a comment below.

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  • Piggy

    in black ops if second player has your gamertag then (2) will 1st player get the xp that 2nd player gets?

  • pissed off

    since its not on the ps3 it is false advertisment and they need to be sued. if you buy a product or service and it does not do what they say its a lemon and you have a right to get your money back. its sad that they are doing this and getting away with it. if you want your money back sign this petition… . i expect a class action law suit soon. next Medal of Honor

  • Jordan2234

    yes the other account will level up as well and you can also customize your own gun

  • TrioZer0

    i dont know for ps3 but for xbox im pretty sure, since me and my brother played all afternoon online togheter. the second player logs in as TrioZer0(1) and will ALWAYS start as the same level as the hostaccount but levels independent after that until he logs out if he logs back in the guest is again the same level as the host. thesame with training ground. multiplayer splitscreen is just awesome!

  • Lesterrr112312312

    would the other account level ? :S

  • spankinjoker

    if this does happpen then you will get comfused with the sound —– if you hear a noise youde be like thats my screen not yours …… crap it was mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Kezza

    Can both players use mic on split screen xbox live??

    • Julie

      Does anyone know the answer to this??

  • darren

    does playing splitscreen online on ps3 mean, if im usin my allgood1981 account and i know when i use my other controller it says allgood1981(2)…… am i still getting the kills, deaths and the XP from both?

    • dean

      You are not getting the XP from both. you will only receive the XP from the main user.

  • jason

    ITS for the PLAYSTATION 3 TO!!! finallyyy yesss!!! i just went on it with my friend right now

    • Cj Cardona

      you slow how are you gunna say "finally yes!"

  • iluvtreesiddy

    YES! ONE MORE FOR THE 360! W00!!!!

  • mees

    Dude, my samsung 32" will do all the work 😀

    • I hate ps3

      32", that's all! How can you see that tiny of a TV without a microscope. Samsung, really? Get an LG or a Sony

  • theguywhocomplains

    i do hope the ps3 have this option, that would be a great reason to get the game, if they dont? what can i say," oh well i guess ill spend my money somewhere else." GRRAAA I HOPE THOSE FUCKERS ADD THIS OPTION ON THE PS3!!!!!
    ps. you will need a big tv guys or a projector if your going to do split online

    • Mentos225

      It's also on PS3, i've already played it.. 🙂

  • TrearchDOIT

    Im Really Wondering if this is going to be on the ps3 , WHy not do it its not like ps3 cant handle it, I play LPB and u can do split-screen online same with Modnation Racers And Resistance 1 and 2 ANd all of these Games YOU CAN Sign In Another Acc And have all the stuff u had before 🙂

    • Chris

      Ps3 is probably gonna give you the option to sign in as someone else's profile, on your PS3, or as a guest and then allow the rank progression

  • black ops on deck

    is this also for ps3 or just xbox 360 some one help me out?

    • Liam

      might be for both because PS3 have done it before in resistence 2 / little big planet 2 so i think it will be on both

  • Ricky

    Ricky i aslo got 100+ NUKES IN MW2 =)

  • Ricky

    Ricky Said that he is going tto hack black ops on the first day so he will be the best number 1 on the table and also i would love to play spilt screen with my sister and she will kick you ass.(GoodRickySingh) Xbox 360 i also mod and give 10 presitage for 1000 mc points

    • ih freekin idot

      powned pc (Peon Child) hack this .|. <<mah finger

    • joe

      hackers are losers who cant play videogames lol (and people who play videogames are losers in the first place, soo…)

  • arnas ps3

    it will be like in MW2 party you will be plaing onely teem games because you cant play games that is not on yor teem it will be chearing and it will be anoing boosters then.

  • Arnas ps3

    split screen is so cool! i will be plaing with my brother so we will not fight wich ones turn is to play… we could play together… its tactiks that is mater on splitscreen!!!

  • Devil

    i got a ? it says "Find a match" and under that it says "Switch Lobby"… what does that mean?

    • liam

      might mean PRIVATE MATCH or somethig because thats were PM normally is (under FIND GAME) so i dont now but thats what it might be

  • killalot363

    well also in black ops witht the thetre mode you can report boosters and theyll ban peoples accounts from the servers.

  • Keith

    i agree, does this mean you can just shoot your mate in the head every time, if so then crap

    • Jimmy

      think about it. when you are in a party and find a match, your always on the same team. your obviously going to be on the same team with this.

      • Sgx

        yeah like halo 3

    • BOB

      i doubt that two people will be able to jump in a free for all on the same console cause they always blocked on mw2, like a party couldnt join a free for all, so, and even if faggets do find a way to do it, booster huntin time

      • Mik3HuntisHairy

        There won't be boosting because if you report boosters to treyarch then they look at there previous games using the theater mode and if they do then they get banned from Black Ops online play

      • terror

        i agree boy take out the RPG, C4, sit rep, and ump silenced boy!!

      • cod playr

        take the booster justice class yup

  • MIKE


    • Piemaster1337

      how will it be cheating, chances are, you can't play FFA in split screen, and it will always place you on the same team, so how is watching each others' back cheating?



  • wilkamania13

    this is why i started playing halo!!! awesome idea why wouldnt you have this option??

    • Sgx

      yeah man why not have it but having four players splitscreen online would make it even better though it seems two is not enough but halo 3 has four thats why i play it with relatives all the time instead of mw2 but this is a great start though treyarch YEAH!!

  • Matt


  • Matt

    In Resistance 2 a second player could log in under their PSN AND rank themselves up. So it's not impossible for Black Ops to have that.

  • Jose

    it could be that treyarch has decided to let players recover their gamertag as a way to rank up with a buddy and maybe its just gonna be for xbox360 players and not ps3

    • reyes

      its gonna b for both consoles retard if u cant read!

      • It had fucking better be for both consoles or i'm gonna be pissed!!

  • kris

    it might not even be for online full multiplayer ,it could be the private matches online multiplayer.

    • tanner

      no, because private match says start match not find match plus private match wouldn't be to much different from splitscreen

    • Matt

      In the top corner it says public match