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Apple iPad: Target Release Date confirmed?

It has been reported that Apple may be starting to sell their popular iPad tablet device via other retailers, with US retailer Target possibly in line to stock the device, ready for release during the holiday season.

As reported from AppleInsider, a tipster has sent in a screenshot to Engadget, showing a listing for an unnamed product to be released on October 3rd, but the product listing contains information which can be instantly linked to Apple’s iPad.

For example, the information revealed that the device would be available at six different prices, and also would be listed in the ‘Digital Audio’ category. Apple also has six price points for the iPad, depending on whether consumers want the WiFi or 3G version, and they also list the iPad in ‘Digital Audio’ too.

While nothing is official yet, you can’t really call this a coincidence. This could be the first solid proof that Apple are now beginning to distribute their iPad amongst other retailers, as Walmart has also been mentioned as a possible supplier.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you pick up an iPad from Target should it become available?


  • Lovely ideas, kudos to you for making the effort to come up with it

  • Rich

    I already own and love my 64GB 3G iPad. However I might pick one up for the wife so I don't have to pry it out of her hands while she's playing Angry Birds. I'd have no qualms about buying one at Target I suppose, although I'd probably go to my local Apple store instead…unless it was discounted at Target. WalMart on the other hand? I wouldn't buy a bottle of water from those bloodsuckers from Bentonville if they had the last one on earth. 🙂


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