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Windows Phone 7 Release Will Be A “Revolution”

With the upcoming launch of the Windows 7 mobile operating system, Microsoft has decided to call it “The revolution is coming.” But the question is will Windows Phone 7 be a revolution?

Chris Matyszczyk of Cnet is asking if the world is running out of words, since it seems like every company who bring out a new piece of tech are offering a revolution. An ad which was premiered in London last week showed what Microsoft thinks of its new creation.

Can Windows 7 really change the world of Smartphone’s that much, that most of the world will be jumping ship from their iPhones or BlackBerry’s? It seems Microsoft thinks this will be the case after the company staged a mock funeral to honor the two devices, and it will be a quick and final revolution.

The new mobile OS will be aimed at real human beings instead of financial officers. Will it be not as important to the same people that Windows Phone 7 doesn’t have multitasking or copy and paste? We will have to wait and see how many people decide to join the ‘revolution’.

See the ad below.


  • Art Rosenberg

    The comment about Phone 7 being aimed at needs of end users, rather than CFOs is an obvious observation. It's the individual end users who will be making the decision about which mobile devices they use, NOT CFOs! Users will be getting those devices for both their personal; and business needs, and mobile apps (business, consumer) will have to be device/OS independent.

  • marshcroft

    Im joining the revolution and cant wait for these devices to come out, I agree its been a long time coming and people are sucked into thinking Apple is ok but History is going to repeat itself from the desktop market.


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