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Verizon Getting iPhone 4: Sacrifices Needed

The debate rages on whether Verizon customers will ever see the iPhone on their network. But if the device ever does make it onto their carrier what sacrifices will have to be made?

MG Siegler of Techcrunch is asking this question after thinking back to a similar situation way back in 2005. Back then the Motorola RAZR was the must have phone, but if you were a Verizon customer you couldn’t have one.

It took about a year later before the V3c version made it on too Verizon, but this version wasn’t like those of others. The interface was some horrid red UI from Verizon themselves, and you couldn’t share files via Bluetooth as it had been disabled by Verizon. Added to that was the fact the device was preloaded with the carriers V CAST didn’t help either.

With this in mind to get their iPhone onto Verizon, Apple will surely have to make some sacrifices to make it happen. Will we see any movement from either side to get the device on the biggest carrier in the US? Apple and Verizon must realize it makes business sense to have the iPhone on the Verizon network.


  • Your Momma

    You're an idiot. Verizon has NOT put there own branding on any smartphones. So why would they with the iPhone. Also Apple already restricts the iPhone plenty, just how Verizon likes it.

    • Enus

      you called him an idiot but then you wrote "there" instead of "their" dumb fuck. go back to school before calling other people idiots

  • Mike

    I am a verizon sub and have waited for a long time for vzw ifone but i think sprint would be a better CDMA option for Apple considering Apple's desire to control it's device as much as possible. Sprint could use the traffic on their balance sheet too.

  • George

    I don’t see why apple would feel the need to do business with verizon at this point. More business? I don’t think so. They cannot handle the demand for the iPhone with one carrier (AT&T), much less having two or more carriers to supply. If they do become partners with other carriers, I believe it will be more into the future.


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