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Nintendo 3DS: Japanese Release Date Rumor

It is thought that Nintendo will officially announce the Nintendo 3DS release date later this month, however a recent Engadget article suggests that this release date may have already leaked.

From what we can see it looks as if the 3DS could be released on Novemeber 11th, this was revealed by a Japanese video game accessory designer who set this date as the launch date of his 3DS accessories, could this be a subtle hint towards the 3DS release date in Japan?

Previously a 2010 release has been pretty much guaranteed, therefore a launch on November 11 does make sense, especially with Christmas around the corner, but for now we cannot say much more than that.

We will find out for sure on September 29th, when we hear details we will keep you posted for more information check out the source link below.

Do you think that the Nintendo 3DS will arrive before Christmas?

Source: Engadget


  • Jason nKrug

    I'm pretty sure it will release before xmas. They had a huge showing at E3. I doubt they'd waist all that hype they built up at E3. The system was fully playable at E3, so let's hope I'm right cuz I wanna play this thing bad


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