New iPad: Could be released by Christmas 2010

By Gary Johnson - Sep 12, 2010

As soon as Apple bring out a new product speculation starts almost straight away what the next version will be like. We have already had talk about the next iPhone, now there are rumors of a new iPad.

David Murphy of PCMAG is reporting in an article that sources have been telling Apple Insider, that Apple is already working on a new version of the iPad. Some of the new features are Apple’s Facetime video chat, and the new device is said to be 9.5 by 7.5- inch.

This will mean any new iPad will need a front facing camera like the ones found on the iPhone 4, and the new iPod Touch. According to the sources testing is already at the advanced stage, in readiness of a release in the first quarter of 2011 at the latest. But Apple is trying to up production speed of the new device to have it on the shelves for the 2010 holiday season.

If this does happen it will see a break in the usual yearly cycle for Apple products, and the current iPad isn’t exactly a slouch with over 3.27 million sold as of late July. One reason that Apple could be pushing for this release time is the fact they want to integrate Facetime into its devices, before releasing the service as an open standard.

Competition in the Tab market is set to heat up over the coming months, with device’s such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab due for release. Time will tell if we see any release in time for the holiday season. Would you like to see a new iPad before Christmas?

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  • Glynn

    The new ipad must have more that 64 gb. 200gb or more would be great.

  • Jamie

    What date is it coming out?

  • alexis

    well, right when the 2 comes out theyre going to make a 3. just face it, theres always going to be a new one. nobody can keep up with it unless your rich. its just like the iphone and how many different versions of iphones are there? 4!!!!!! nobody wants to be holding an old ipad when a new one comes out but we cant have everything we want. money doesnt grow on trees!!!

  • Ben Bowerman

    All that being said, Ipad 2 Please have:
    – Great screen resolution
    – Front facing camera (4-8MP) as well as rear camera (6-10MP),
    – No Brainer a USB (preferable 3.0), SATA port or Bluetooth capability to link, mouse or headset or keyboard too for the foolish and diehard Ipaders who should probably own a laptop but love the trendiness of the IPAD. Humor them then not the mention the general marketability of all the items that would be available for it.
    – Beefed up Processor and Hard Drive.

    It’s a lot to ask out of a company that notoriously releases basic can do items and later and with much market wisdom releases the same thing with a few greater items or space to it. Look at the IPods

  • Ben Bowerman

    … On the flip side know that once you have it learn to be satisfied because its guaranteed that within a year or even six months it too will be outdated.

    Understanding that Apple will continue to lead its products with design crispness and comfort not to mention ease of use and general trend setting, we need them to kink out the gremlins of some basic things and be visionary with a few others. Politics fall into these items just like everything else in life and unfortunately some of the greatest things the mobile apple products could do are limited by profession yet personal preference of the men and women in suits. Why doesn't mobile apple allow flash. Enough said!

  • Ben Bowerman

    So True all you die hards, some make valid statements some are just a little crazy and some are funny ( it should fly!). But bottom line is truth and truth is 1st ver. never last, are quickly updated and loosely bought.

    Spend a little reserve in your resolve to get the newest and greatest, wait for the iPhone 4's or mac book air's and know that what’s in store is always going to be greater. …

  • Jane Gould

    My golden Apple rule… Never ever buy V1 of any Apple product. Vis the 1st nano, the 1st video nano & now the 1st touch nano. Same was true for the iPhone so holding out for iPad V2 with facetime

  • maczoni

    i'm using Face Time only in Big missing occasions were you cannot be there and a phone call could be enough but watching is another story. Few times but very important moment and just because is there not because of that i will buy but happy because is in it ….like the antenna small problem but i can survive with it on how to use it then i can appreciate the stronger reception for wifi also… just watch the glass half full when you need it for real drink… use it and you'll enjoy it in that moments…thanks Apple ease of use and real think different and not just a face….

  • Ilhan

    According to THE TELEGRAPH The new, more compact iPad could be on sale by June next year, said analysts at the firm.

    It will feature the same 9.7in display, but will be thinner and lighter, and feature a built-in camera for FaceTime video calls as well as a mini USB drive.

  • Phil

    Any more news when the new ipad will be available?

  • akene

    A high resolution screen would be nice to me. It will be great pleasure to read book and magazine on it.

  • dan

    the new ipad should be able to fly 😀 jajaja people are making too much of it. how many of you actually use face time on iphone 4? that's right 🙂

    • alexis

      i have the iphone 4 and i never use facetime. its useless and i think its stupid that people would pay all that money for an ipad with facetime!! why not just buy the iphone 4 which btw does the exact same thing plus you save a lot of money if your due for an upgrade!!!

      • kaegee

        My wife and I both have iPhones and we always use facetime if I'm away. The only problem is that you both need to have WIFI access. It's great to see the kids when you're away on business.

  • Peggy

    The new ipad should have a printer and a camera. This would be amazingg. everyone would buy it

  • Ron Teskowski

    iPad iwaite 4 new one then ibuy

    ilook ilearn ienjoy iexcited!!

    sup wiv ya

  • bin duck

    its just another ipad


    whats the differents its just another ipad thats come out BUY THE CHEAPEST

  • Zach

    Can’t wait!!! Come out now!!

  • Garrick

    People are making too much of video and Facetime; they are nice but not vital. They could even be a real pain if the other party always expects to see where you are! The future of the iPad is genuine tablet computing in a workflow and gaming. Phones are going to remain essentially phones with apps and tricks. I doubt people use half the functions on their smart phones. iPads however are so big as to demand a use or they'll be left on the table. In the end users will define the dividing lines between iPad, netbooks, MacBok Air, Mac Books and Pro. In the meantime let's enjoy watching the revolution unfolding before our eyes. The big competitive advangtage Apple enjoys is trust; it's products work. Probably because they are fit a grand plan, are well tested and look good. But such trust is thin, as we saw Steve Jobs himself step into the iPhone 4 antenna scare. Providing too much too soon could undo Apple just as much as too little too late could do for Nokia. In my opinion they need each other. The rest (Samsung et al) are opportunists awaiting Apple to define a way forward. In the 60s and 70s Sony might have help that position. They still command respect but don't lead in lifestyle products. Apple has perhaps a unique role in marketing history. Lets hope they use it responsibly. Not for nothing do Apple followers fear the post-Jobs era. He embodies Apple more than the products can. the rest are just managers and competitors.

  • lucy lu

    I would simply like the ability to input a USB, traveling folks and the iPAD go hand in hand but so does the USB (or some other form of memory drive), when then not have a port on the iPAD? Picture/live cam/video…yes, but please I hope they put a port for inserts. A local vendor told me not to buy because APPLE was coming out with a new one. I am glad I waited. He also told me the most common failure of the iPAD is its face, somtimes it just stops working because the dust and tiny particles interfere with its ability to pick up on touch. So a warning to all, cover its face with protectors and dont throw it in a bag like a phone.

  • Jakew

    i just hope they have facetime, and the retina display like iphone 4.
    and have it out before christmas!!

  • koguinha

    The coming new iPad is holding me from buying the new terrific Macbook Air.
    My wishes for the new iPad are:
    – 200g lighter
    – Facetime camera
    – HD video camera + 8M pixel camera
    – 128GB storage
    – 1G RAM
    – Faster CPU
    – Mouse & trackpad enabled for relatively long editing work on the go using Reudo bluetooth keyboard
    – WIMAX

    • who

      what will u do with iPad and 8M pixel camera???
      Faster CPU? go for laptop if u want that
      WIMAX….it's past
      LTE is 4g but it's too early for it

  • I have wanted an iPad ever since they came out! it looks like theres a new one coming with facetime and new updates/changes so i'll just wiat for now!( dont wanna be holding an old one as soon as the new one comes out!)

  • Malachie Massamba

    I currently have an iPad and I love it. Apple making a second generation of this magnificent device will only mean one thing: “Start saving money for it”. It will be a super powerful device for sure! I can’t wait.

  • i want one soooo bad but im holding myself back for the one with the camera

  • rupert

    Waiting for facetime. Then I will definitely get one.

  • yes come out at christmas!!!

  • gtsmoker

    Ho humm. I would never waste money on an iPad for the Face Time app because it is useless unless the person one the other end has the exact same thing. I'm not into video chat but if I were to get into it it would not on Android, Nokia Symbialn or just on a laptop webcam with skype or google video chat, that can converse with anyone anywhere.

    • Isaac

      There is currently an app that is like facetime that works on android and on iphone. The app is called Tango look it up. It even works over 3g without any sort of jailbreak whatsoever. The app is free.

      • Aguy

        I type tango look it up it came ou nothing

        • Nick

          Search app store for “tangome, inc.”. It’s just like FaceTime but can do over 3G an works on other phones 2. Only problem is u both gotta have app open at same time but otherwise it’s really good and it’s free

  • bench

    that's right,facetime cam both front and back(like iphone4) can make calls via bluetoothe so chatting via video call and video call only will be much easier while you're mobile and dosent have to pick up your phone inside your bag…..what do you think guys?

  • Matt

    I waiting to get an iPad once it has some improvements. If they can make facetime work over 3G that would be a huge. So lets hope it comes out before christmas so I can tell my wife.

    • gmab

      facetime works fine over 3g with a simple app once jailbroke

  • genaside

    I hope they do i am waiting ,the ipad is a great tablet but it should be alot better. Mr jobs has set a bench mark for others to follow .
    but i want before i buy a A4 processor,
    face time / 512 ram /125gb hdd / rear camra hd recording /and
    be able to make phone calls via bluetooth headset /also be able to support bluetooth gamepads / all this can be done now but he will make you wait and charge you for it .
    but i dont think you will wait that long due to the Competition
    lets hope so …………….

  • Stephen hackin

    I think it's a joke if they do as I have just forked out £530 pound for this one

    • Cory

      so Apple's business practices should revolve around your spending schedule?

      • ray

        hahaha nice… You definitely should have known.

    • This is why I didn't buy the iPad as soon as it came out. I'm waiting for version 2.

      • Ya I have learned my lesson 2 times now with the iphone,, i think. I purchased the 1st generation iPhone, then the 3G, then the 3Gs. I didn't buy the new iPhone 4 or the iPad as I thought it would be a great idea to wait for the next iPad and even the next iPhone. Good news though, I did buy apple stock and I have received one iPhone back in money, almost 2.

        • ken

          Just wait forever! Don't buy anything, there always new model coming out. Bunch of idiots

        • ilovememymen

          hahahahaha i like u

    • bailey

      .lol gutted!!!