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Jailbreak iOS 4.1 iPhone 4 / 3GS: Bloggers React

Here at PR News we try to keep on top of current situations, it was only the other day that we reported on iPhone iOS 4.1’s jailbreak and unlock Bootrom exploit, and the jailbreak and unlock guide for 3GS users.

Well following on from that news, we thought we would highlight what some bloggers and news reporters are saying about the new jailbreak iOS 4.1.

According to Dan Goodin at The Register, it only took a few hours from the release of iOS 4.1, for hardware hackers to jailbreak the new device. With pod2g ( iPhone Dev-team member ) announcing the exploit in the boot ROM of iOS devices. He also states that Apple will not be able to stop the hackers unless hardware changes are made.

Venture Beats, Dean Takahashi adds that hackers almost immediately try to jailbreak any new release from Apple with the intention of running unauthorized software. He adds that over a million owners having already jailbroken their devices in order to get apps from other sources rather than paying for them through Apple’s iTunes Store.

Darren Allan of Tech Watch gives a similar account of the speed in which hackers have operated on the latest Apple device. But does say that there is still alot of work to be done before a functioning jailbreak is ready, though it wont take long. He does give a simple solution for Apple, and that is to let users run whatever they want on their iPhones.

So with plenty of speculations about Apples jailbreaking and unlocking saga, and various suggestions on how to fix it, check out the link below to read more bloggers and news reporters thoughts.

Source Via: Computerworld


  • lokienloki

    New updates follows, that the jailbreak for this one will be called 'greenpois0n'. Jailbreak for iOS 4.1 Impressions

  • ziom

    I assume it means the author does not know how long it will take, sorry

  • desperate

    [quote]though it wont take long. [/quote]
    and it means? ;( I really need JB bedly – I have 1 3GS that unfortunatelly was upgraded to 4.0.2 and simlock is a big problem, and I have my iPhone 4 that I cant change the look the way I preffer it… 🙁 So what means 'it won't take long"? few days? few weeks? few months?


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