Halo Reach Xbox 360: Review Roundup

By Alan Ng - Sep 12, 2010

The moment is almost near for Halo fans, as the next title in the successful franchise is due to make it’s long awaited release worldwide on the Xbox 360. Before you pick it up though, we have a collection of reviews for you to check out.

As you would expect from a game from famed developers Bungie, Halo Reach doesn’t disappoint. We’ve had a look at some of the review from the best gaming sites around, and there is hardly a bad word to say about Halo Reach.

If you have already pre-ordered the game, it is safe to say that you wont be disappointed with your purchase. From the reviews we’ve seen, the lowest is an 8.5 from GameZone, while there are also a few perfect scores, from the likes of Destructoid, G5, Joystiq and 1up. If you are interested, IGN has given Halo Reach a 9.5 – pretty good.

Check out some of the reviews for the game below, let us know your thoughts on the scores. Were you expecting such high results or not?

IGN 9.5
G4 5/5
Eurogamer 9
Destructoid 10
GameZone 8.5
1up A+
Joystiq 5/5

If you have seen any notable reviews for the game, let us know below and we’ll add the scores for you.

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  • unkown mcquestionson

    amazing the drinving ai could use some owrk worse compared to H2 or H3 (at least they went some where mine just sat ther or didnt operate turrets at all) other than that amazing now i get to expirence what MC missing when he was doing the assault on covenant in the book the ending song for the level doesnt help much kinda sad but hey its the death of stuff what can u expect

  • luke

    brilliant game, i rented it instead of buying. i didnt expect it to be as good as it was but i felt it was a little short. an epic game though!