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Halo Reach Review: IGN Gives Top Score

Tuesday see’s the release of Halo: Reach, which marks the end of the lucrative series which was first introduced back in 2001. So what is different in this latest installment of the Halo series?

Martin Robinson of IGN UK has done a review of the highly anticipated game. He says that in this new version there are no anti-climatic theatrics that were found in the second game. Combat has been improved and perfected, and makes the game arguably the best in the series.

Jetpacks are one of the new features of the game, and are great for multiplayer as new players will be tempted to overuse them but will be easy pickings for the more experienced Halo gamer. All seven of the Amor abilities help to improve Halo’s combat in their own way.

An equally impressive new feature is the holographic decoy, which are great on the tougher levels for luring someone in before using one of the new assassination kills. Weapons have had a makeover and feel highly realistic in use.

The in-depth review goes on to state that developer Bungie has created the best Halo experience so far, with great level design and a vast multiplayer set with a 10 out of 10 score. Use the link to read the full review.



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