Facebook Passes Google’s US Traffic: Keeping users on site

We reported to you a couple of days ago the news that Facebook has passed Google in the amount of time internet users spend on the site in the US, according to recent data from comScore.

Cade Metz of The Register is reporting that Google is trying to come up with its own successful social networking site to rival Facebook. The new site is set to be a game based challenger called Google Me. According to reports Google are already in discussions about the new service with Playdom Inc. also in the talks are Electronic Arts’s Playfish, and the Zynga Game Network.

Google are probably more worried how Facebook manages to keep users on the site for so long, and concerned about targeting ads. So Google will be trying to think of different ways and services to keep its users on its site’s. This will be quite a challenge for Google as Facebook already has a head start on them.

What do you think Google needs to be stickier than Facebook? Post your thoughts below.



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