Emoticons for Skype: 3 Great Sites

Today it seems as if a lot of people are searching for emoticons for Skype, therefore I thought it would be useful to share some great sites, which may be useful for those of you who are interested in Skype emoticons.

Let’s start with, this site is great if you are new to Skype as it lists all of Skype’s hidden emoticons, and what you need to type for them to show. Below I have embedded a few of my favourites, however if you check out the site there are plenty of others.

Some people like to use emoticons to draw pictures, if you are one of these people you should check out Skypolatory, here you can look through hundreds of emoticon drawings and copy the code which you need for the picture to show in Skype.

Finally, if you would like a quick and easy way to create your own emoticon drawings check out PlanetBob, this site lets design your own emoticon picture, once complete you can copy the code for your drawing and paste it into Skype, below you can see what I created.

Know any other good Skype emoticon sites? Feel free to recommend them in the comments section below.



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