White iPhone 4 Vs Red Droid Incredible: Which one looks better?

While the world waits for Apple to shed light on the white iPhone 4 situation, it appears as if another contender for the best looking smartphone has entered the fray – a red HTC Droid Incredible handset.

Unlike the White iPhone 4, the Droid Incredible’s shade of Red is actually just a case, which you can now order officially from Verizon. We have some pictures of the case to show you, and we have to say it is looking pretty slick.

You might not feel the same, but I usually don’t go for the same mobile handset that most people have, ie – I like my handset to stand out from the rest – the white iPhone 4 definitely does that, but it has been delayed since forever, so I’m now considering this little beauty.

To get your hands on one, you’ll have to pay $24.99 and quote this code (VZW6300DORR) when speaking to a Verizon rep on the phone. More details on that in our previous article here.

If you are sick of waiting for the white iPhone 4, the Red Droid Incredible may just tempt you. Which handset do you think looks better?

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