Halo Reach Hotter Than Call of Duty Black Ops: N4G Stats

Both Call of Duty Black Ops and Halo Reach are still yet to release, but gamers cannot wait to get their hands on these games, which are set to rule the holiday season in 2010. What game will be top in sales figures is yet to be seen, although hints are coming through already.

Our own polls seem pretty split on the Black Ops and Halo Reach debate, the campaign mode of Halo Reach looks pretty smart as does COD Black Ops, but Zombies could tip the scales for the popular Call of Duty game.

Most gamers know N4G, and love or hate it you get a glimpse of what’s hot or not. Thousands of gamers discuss, and decide what is the hottest gaming news. N4G ranks the news stories based on a temperature score, and this is decided by the popularity of each story.

Looking to the right on the homepage, you can see a section called “Hottest Games” and in that list are both Halo Reach and COD Black Ops. While we are not sure how much this counts, we do know that the most discussed topics on Twitter can lead to accurate predictions. Could this be said for gaming and N4G?

Halo Reach is exclusive to the Xbox 360 and Black Ops will be on both the 360 and PS3, so the COD game looks to be the most sold game thanks to being open to both systems. Looking at the chart on N4G, Halo Reach is top with “63340” and Black ops third with “46950”.

How far do you think this chart goes to predicting interest in a game? Do you think Halo Reach will be the biggest seller in 2010?


  • Carlos

    black ops is great but halo reach is more better than cod and if i was in a room with a xbox and two games: halo reach and cod Black Ops i would choose halo reach but in the other side id love to play Cod black ops, my advice is dont fight about games and stop acting like some dumbass


    Everybody knows that callz of duty is ballz, and halo reach is ossim and not g@y

  • emile

    call of duty sucks, so does ps3.

  • reach

    u cod fans will never get the fact that halo is way better than cod

    • 0kn

      so true

    • mario

      I KNOE RIGHT!!! halo is the best, mario.

  • casey

    sorry jay but halo reach is better halo reach has 9.5 and black ops has 9.0

  • casey

    did you know that i looked a gamespot and it said haloreach had 9.5 score and black ops had 9.0 so whats the point halo reach is better than annoying black ops sorry black op fans but thats my opion so to let you all know that halo reach is better than black ops black ops is the anoyingest game i'd play so lets hear it for bungie for making halo reach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 thanks bungie

  • Superior Arsenal


    I respect both franchises. But I need to piont some things out,

    1)The only reasons COD beats halo in sales is due to it being on different platforms. For the xbox alone Halo 2 and 3 have both sold more copies than Moder Warfare 2. Halo 3 and 2 both have 8 mil with MW2 at 7.4

    2)Halo has many more features. Many gametypes, custimizable gametypes,firefight,forge, wich are both custimizable

  • merk654321

    halo is the best sieries because i have cod games for 360 and ps3 and non of them were better then hole1, halo2 , halo3, halo odst, and halo reach.

  • Clint

    That is a broad opinion for someone who obvisouly does not know the 10 million people who actively play these games on online….COD fans are COD fans and Halo fans are Halo fans. The games are very different and each have their unique style.

    Personally I bought Reach on launch day and played it a lot, but grew bored with it very quickly and actually traded it in to buy my kids a couple of games. I went back to MW2.

    Now Black Ops is out and I just played it for about 4 hours and although it has a lot of the feel of World at War, it has some great features, the guns are upgraded to modern weapons, and the wager matches, buying your shite and the contracts are all pretty cool.

    Time will tell if black ops hooks me like MW2 did, but Reach did not hook me enough that I traded it back in again already.

    I was on at 9am this morning and Black Ops playlist showed more than 1.5 million current players. Reach never had that many simultaneously that I saw. This is also after most of the high schoolers are in school too….

    My, trying to be unbiased, opinion is that Black Ops will fairly quickly bypass Halo Reach and will finally show itself as the game to beat.

    • 0kn

      umm think about the first day of the halo reach beta the servers fucking crashed i dont think that ever happend with cod

  • kesledin

    Let's just put an end to this. Both are great series, REACH is an amazing game and Black Ops looks great too. The only thing we're looking at here is that are there more halo fans out there or COD fans. I'm a fan of HALO and the MW series (other cod games were boring), but all I wonder is that will Black Ops be like MW2 or like the other COD games. If it's the latter, Halo Reach sells more. If not, Black Ops will sell more on the other systems, not 360.
    *Note: Most 360 fans prefer Halo over COD anyday, so most people here are most definitely PS3 fans.

  • Rafeeq27

    Im a COD fan, I have COD 1 to 6, cant wait to COD7, i have Halo odst and Halo 3 too. but COD still the best. i will challenge any halo fan and beat them in there own game but can u play COD. Cod more realistic, Halo so futuristic

    Black ops will definite sell out Halo Reach without an trying.

    Rafeeq27 South Africa

    • Wazkicken

      Alright Rafeeq, bring it, I’ll see if you can beat me in this challenge.

      CoD may be more realistic but Halo is a game that’s not meant to be realistic so you can’t really compare the two in that sense.

      Raffeq, I challenge you.

  • steve

    hay bob i didn't know you could see the future p.s zombies will never happen

    • bob

      hahahahahahahaha dude what are you a halo fan dude think zombies can not end just like there has to be a sequel to the game it was amazing why would you think it would just end p.s hahahahah dude i have a friend that works for them and he told me that there would be zombies so shut up i know a little more about games than you also i have a life i have a master degree in musical arts and play for great bands and i teach at a collage what do you do work at taco bell go to collage p.s.s i teach at harvord

      • a 13 year old

        I really doubt you teach at Harvard, considering the fact that you cannot use full stops and your constant usage of words like "dude".

  • nick

    he is right because black ops has gun game one in the chamber in the money and more but halo reach mostly has stuff from halo 3 there will be forge and other stuff but come on we all want something new look it takes place in the cold war ,cuba, and the long deadly war of vietnam come on its our nations history we can learn of stuff that happened there but halo is boring somtimes . i know this comment is long but it is the truth of warfare so halo will be a great game that i will buy one day but black ops is going to be amazing will the secret zombie mode which will be super great black ops all the way halo fans suck it halo will never be as good as black ops but i now a lot about the people who work for bungi and treyack i think i spelled it wrong but what ever meage me back if you want to know more about black ops and reaCH. 😛

  • bob

    look cod has so much more stuff in it but halo is just another halo you kill elites and grunts but cod you can kill zombies and it takes place in real word warfare other than halo which will never happen in real life………

    • bobs no logical

      YES, sorry cod will NEVER be as realalistic as halo because of your ZOMBIES running around, i am deeply sorry for offending you with the halo games that i buy.


    halo will always be the best game ever. sorry cod fans but just face it. you and your little cod homos like sucking dick obviously

  • Kazikame

    Come on, we all know both will rock, so whats the point. If they both get above 8 in rating*which we all know they will) there will be millions buying. Can't games just coexist together nowadays? Games released two months apart are barely at competition

    • DisarrayTiger

      you are right…now the competition would of been fun if both games would of been release on the same day. then you will see which game the consumers like the most…but then again its not really fair to compare them like that because halo is just an xbox game and cod belongs to both :/

      • billy bellend


  • Gio

    im a cod fan and all but personaly halo reach is gonna be way better then cod

  • Andy

    The two games aren't very comparable outside of camera perspective. And Halo does make more sense for something like MLG. I had lots of fun with MW2 earlier in the year, but it doesn't keep bringing me back like Halo does. The sad part is people don't remember Quake vs DN3D, Quake II vs Jedi Knight, or Quake III vs. UT, or ID vs. The World the the end of the 90's. There's nothing new going on here…

    I'm only gonna talk to people who remember the Game Gear from now on. There are many different flavours for all gamers and none is better than the next. It's preference, and for all those that continue to argue, it's childlike. Sonic or Mario all over again. Besides, most Halo haters are just crap at it anyway. I didn't like CoD cause I sucked at it, but now i'm ok and I actually quite like it. But it's a very different game.

    Enjoy the unique experiences, don't write them off with preconceived notions. You're only doing yourself out of a good time, and missing out on the kind of games old farts like me could never have dreamed of 15 years ago.

    • Charlie

      halo reach can go have and orgy with its fanboys.

  • Steve

    Your saying just because cod3 and 5 were bad that 7 will be bad? DOWNZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    look im io i hate cod O<-<

  • charlie


  • Luke

    I would say the only reason for this is because Halo Reach comes out tomorrow at midnight whereas Black Ops isn't out for a whilst. Personally I won't be buying black ops as I didn't like Cod3 or Cod5.


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