Halo Reach Hotter Than Call of Duty Black Ops: N4G Stats

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 11, 2010

Both Call of Duty Black Ops and Halo Reach are still yet to release, but gamers cannot wait to get their hands on these games, which are set to rule the holiday season in 2010. What game will be top in sales figures is yet to be seen, although hints are coming through already.

Our own polls seem pretty split on the Black Ops and Halo Reach debate, the campaign mode of Halo Reach looks pretty smart as does COD Black Ops, but Zombies could tip the scales for the popular Call of Duty game.

Most gamers know N4G, and love or hate it you get a glimpse of what’s hot or not. Thousands of gamers discuss, and decide what is the hottest gaming news. N4G ranks the news stories based on a temperature score, and this is decided by the popularity of each story.

Looking to the right on the n4g.com homepage, you can see a section called “Hottest Games” and in that list are both Halo Reach and COD Black Ops. While we are not sure how much this counts, we do know that the most discussed topics on Twitter can lead to accurate predictions. Could this be said for gaming and N4G?

Halo Reach is exclusive to the Xbox 360 and Black Ops will be on both the 360 and PS3, so the COD game looks to be the most sold game thanks to being open to both systems. Looking at the chart on N4G, Halo Reach is top with “63340” and Black ops third with “46950”.

How far do you think this chart goes to predicting interest in a game? Do you think Halo Reach will be the biggest seller in 2010?

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