Halo Reach: Early Xbox 360 Sales Before Launch Date

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 11, 2010

We have heard that many gamers have been getting Halo Reach early, and some Xbox 360 gamers have reported directly on CVG, even giving store names that had apparently released the game before it’s official launch date.

CVG said that some indie retailers and UK supermarkets had been selling the game a few days early, and this followed some lucky gamers in the U.S. getting Halo Reach a couple of weeks early. Let us know in the comments if any of you have been given the gift of an early release?

The review embargo will be lifted on Sunday morning, and we can expect a stream of Halo Reach reviews to hit the web. Early review scores seem positive for Microsoft, although we are yet to see the official reviews.

We’re not sure if anyone has had a legendary copy of Halo Reach sent early, currently we have only heard of collector’s editions being sent from online stores and given to members of some stores. See CVG for full details.

Have you played Halo Reach?

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  • truth speaker

    yes, santa comes and shoots you in the face with a needler if you play it early. crack head

    • Adam

      Actually, there was a thing microsoft did, they didn't want anybody playing halo reach early, and you're gamertag got banned for a short while, but nobody did so they just removed it and people have been playing normally

  • That Guy

    I herd that u can get banned if u play reach before its release date. Is this true?

  • That Guy

    i herd that u can get banned if u play it before the release date. is this true???

  • Peter

    Is it for sale in any HMV or Game stores in the uk (Not online)

  • alexander

    i love halo i have halo 1 2 3 4 and 5

    • brendan

      And we need to know this why????? how is this relevant to the topic??????????

  • Halo

    Yeah I've seen people in Matchmaking with the Flaming Helmet so I guess that people are getting the Legenday aswell.