Xbox 360 Kinect: Only Possible on Microsoft Hardware?

By Alan Ng - Sep 10, 2010

For those of you who are thinking which to buy between Playstation Move and Xbox 360 Kinect, we have some interesting comments from Microsoft for you to check out now, which reveals that Kinect is only possible on Microsoft hardware.

Microsoft’s boss of Kinect Kudo Tsunoda has spoken in an an interview with VG247, about the similarities between both sets of motion tech, saying that it all comes down to personal choice, while also not wasting an opportunity to size up the advantages of Kinect.

When speaking to VG247 about the Kinect hardware, he revealed: ”With the voice and the human recognition system, those are things that really can’t be done on any other console, or in any other medium. Kinect is totally unique. It delivers something that you can’t get anywhere else in the world.”

We have to agree, the voice recognition part of Kinect is pretty impressive, although it’s slightly disapointing for other gamers around the world who don’t speak English, Latin American Spanish or Japanese – info on that here.

What are your thoughts on his comments? I’m not one to start a war, but I’d love to see what Sony’s Kevin Butler thinks of Tsunoda’s speech. Get the whole thing over at VG247.

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  • T0K3R

    wow so sony don't have voice recognition in singstar and thy have not be showing off ther face and body tracking and thy did not test the 3dv Z-Cam in 2001 on a ps2 and for those that dont know 3dv made kinect for ms so it cant be dun on any other console but xbox some one should tell sony so thy can stop proving ms wrong every time thy open there mouth or maybe some one should tell ms thy look like morons with comments like that

  • Annette

    Well all i know is my daughter demoed it at the mall & loved it. Its gonna get her up & moving & theres no controllers! Ill have mine nov. 4th & i have no game system currently…the kinect impressed me & i cant wait to get the fitness game!

  • GordonShumway

    Not wishing to stoke the fires of a flame war, and I know that Kudo was talking about voice recognition and not Kinect itself, but this guy really annoys me.

    Everytime he talks about Kinect he talks about it being a major revolution that somehow MS created, when Kinect existed as the z-cam long before Microsoft bought it. There's even videos of Richard Marks, of Sony R&D, showing tech demos that he made with the same z-cam running on a PS2. You can see in the video that pretty much every innovation that MS are promoting now was actually up and running six years ago.

    I'm not trying to take anything away from MS, but Kudo really annoys me because he always talks like this is revolutionary in-house tech when it clearly isn't. Not that it matters, MS have the funds to market Kinect much better than Sony ever could.

    The only thing standing in the way of Kinect dominating this holiday… a little company called Nintendo and their 3DS

  • Of coarse Kinect only works with Microsoft hardware. People would lose their jobs if it was compatible with everything out there

  • Vince

    I think voice control will just go the same way as Facebook and Twitter on Xbox Live….

    • Marc

      You are someone who does not understand voice control and the differnce MS has made it, when Kinect is launched you wil see just how amazing the speech side is.

      MS could of sold it for $70 but then that would just cheapen what is a fantastic piece of technology, wait until November you will be amazed,

      PS3 fanboys are the dinosours of the console world, most people now own both machines, the sooner the PS3 fanboys folow the dinosaws the better things will be for the rest of the world ( you will soon be extinct

      • Gary

        microsoft COULD have sold it cheaper……………but then the bigwigs needed to buy doom buggys so they could drive over to the money pool and wash thier pits in the fountain of poverty!

  • J.A.

    Yeah, because there's never been Voice Recognition on the PS3… Endwar on the PS3 doesn't count because it goes against my thesis, therefore it doesn't exist.

    I love where Journalism has gone as of late, fresh toilet water has never tasted so wonderful.


    • J.A.

      "I love where Journalism has gone as of late, fresh toilet water has never tasted so wonderful. "
      Sorry about this statement… I'm just frustrated that nobody has called out Microsoft on their voice recognition "exclusivity" as of late.

  • William Gates

    HA HA HA.

    Yes – your probably right – the software and hardware wouldnt work on the ALMIGHT PS3, and neither would we want it to!

    Shovelware Kinect – translates as – EPIC FAIL!!

    Move FTW

    • Das

      Intresting I take it you have not seen the real Move games release lineup of shovelware then –

      Here is the list and the review scores from IGN –
      Sports champions 7.5
      Kung Fu Rider 3.5
      Racquet Sports 4.5
      Tumble 3.5

      Never mind if they are going to release some patches to work with Move or if in a year or 2 they may release some titles that will still be basically patched verions of the main gamepad ones (No matter what title the game has) and that dosn't change the game, after all if I want to use a differnt controller I could just as easy use a wireless steering wheel or a fighting stick over a gamepad but neither will actually change the game itself.

      Intresting to that you use the word "WE" are you in a secret club or something who is the "WE" you are talking ? about as most people own more than one console nowdays so it seems like the "WE" must = Fanboys.

      I have a PS3 but I will still only give Move 2 months before people get bored with it especiqlly if they previously had a Wii and sold it.