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Xbox 360 Kinect: Only Possible on Microsoft Hardware?

For those of you who are thinking which to buy between Playstation Move and Xbox 360 Kinect, we have some interesting comments from Microsoft for you to check out now, which reveals that Kinect is only possible on Microsoft hardware.

Microsoft’s boss of Kinect Kudo Tsunoda has spoken in an an interview with VG247, about the similarities between both sets of motion tech, saying that it all comes down to personal choice, while also not wasting an opportunity to size up the advantages of Kinect.

When speaking to VG247 about the Kinect hardware, he revealed: ”With the voice and the human recognition system, those are things that really can’t be done on any other console, or in any other medium. Kinect is totally unique. It delivers something that you can’t get anywhere else in the world.”

We have to agree, the voice recognition part of Kinect is pretty impressive, although it’s slightly disapointing for other gamers around the world who don’t speak English, Latin American Spanish or Japanese – info on that here.

What are your thoughts on his comments? I’m not one to start a war, but I’d love to see what Sony’s Kevin Butler thinks of Tsunoda’s speech. Get the whole thing over at VG247.



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