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Verizon iPhone 4: Rumor Affects Share Price

Following on from our earlier article about the Verizon iPhone being a problem for Apple, we now have another article for you read now, which is also related to the highly anticipated, but still unannounced device.

Do you remember back at the start of the year, when the WSJ ignited the internet by writing an article seemingly confirming the existance of a CDMA-equipped iPhone for a release on Verizon Wireless?

Well if you do, it turns out that this rumor alone has boosted not only Verizon Wireless shares, but also Apple shares too. is reporting that Apple shares reached a new record high this Tuesday, while Verizon shares also rose by 2.6 percent on Tuesday, with rivals AT&T dropping 2.1 percent from previous figures.

According to the report, Apple shares reached $237.48 on Tuesday, a total increase of 1.5 percent for one day. Full article through the link, let us know your thoughts on it.

The Verizon iPhone is inevitable now, surely everyone knows it right?


  • REAL Data Analyzer

    the release of a new batch of iPods this week could have NOTHING to do with this sudden stock jump….especially considering how long rumors of the VZ iPhone have been pounding with no record-high jump in Apple stock. smh

  • Federico

    So it goes. Verizon must really be bleeding. Now the press releases will be that it is coming, definitely. 258 people surveyed in MN indicate that apple is suffering losses due lack of VZ phone. Munster says so and apple has no choice but to pour all it’s resources on this vz iPhone release.

    Will we hear from schumer and his ilk soon?


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