Stand Up to Cancer: Make a donation with Facebook Credits

Facebook users can help support a great charitable cause by using their Facebook Credits to donate to the Stand Up To Cancer campaign in tonight’s live telethon.

Jennifer Van Grove of Mashable is reporting that for the first time ever viewers can turn to Facebook instead of picking up the phone during the star studied live event. One hundred percent of the credits will go to the cause when being donated.

For those who don’t already know Facebook credits are a virtual currency that is used for members who play the sites games. Users can buy digital goods in the many different games found in Facebook.

To make a donation Facebook users can visit the Stand Up To Cancer Facebook page, donations are being accepted now and a live stream of the show will also be available. In 2008 the telethon raised over $100 million, and this year with this new Facebook feature could see an even bigger total raised.

Are you going to make a donation via Facebook?



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