Medal of Honor: New Gameplay Looks a LOT like MW2

By Alan Ng - Sep 10, 2010

Ok, so EA has just put up a new gameplay video of Medal Of Honor onto the US Playstation Store. The first thing that came to mind when I watched it, was how similar it was to Modern Warfare 2, this is coming from a Battlefield: Bad Company 2 player.

While I know that I’ll probably get pages of comments on how Medal of Honor differs to Modern Warfare 2, I still think that both games look very alike, especially to the average gamer who just wants to play the newest FPS game that comes out.

Take the latest video for example. Ok, so there are obvious changes in the sound effects between the two games. But just like MW2, you’ll see the map layout in the top left corner, and your ammo and other details in the bottom right.

You may say that this is the standard format for all FPS games, but they have even copied the predator missile killstreak from the game. Take a look at the shots below to see how similar they are – you can see it on video at 0.47 below.

Let me reiterate one thing, I do play Battlefield: Bad Company 2 a lot, I know that DICE are making Medal of Honor and that both games are meant to be very different. I remember reading about how BFBC2 and Medal of Honor were so alike, but I think Medal of Honor is the one that stands out the most.

That may not be a bad thing anyway. Modern Warfare 2 is great fun for most, and they’ll probably see it as a similar game but with different maps. Have I got this completely wrong or do you think both games look similar too?

For that reason, I doubt I’ll be getting Medal of Honor, but I might get tempted closer to release, you never know. The video in question is below, have a look for yourself and let us know what you think.

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  • Pat Mack

    So all you have to show similarity is one picture of a guided missile? THAT IS ONE THING! Did you notice that the gameplay was quite objective focused and used teamplay, something that you will never see in MW2?

  • Mw2 fanboys

    Really? None of you know what the fuck you're talking about. So what if it looks " a little" like Mw2? What else is the fucking predator suppose to be colored? RED ? BLUE? YELLOW? Idiots. MoH has a completely different pace than Mw2. MoH needs more strategic gameplay aswell, unlike Mw2's run and gun gameplay. Fuck you. OHHHH!!!!!!!!!! AND IF YOU DUMBASSES DIDN'T KNOW: MW2 WASNT THE FIRST TO USE PREDATOR MISSLES! OMFG!

    • robiticus

      You mad bro? Chill. It’s just a guy telling what he thinks. If you disagree, fine, but why freak out?

    • name

      Dunno if you're referring to old MoH or this one but it doesn't look like this one has a terrible amount of strategic gameplay, looks to me like it's run and gun, which is what makes it similar to MW2/BC2…or maybe I'm just too used to playing ArmA 2 now…

  • OMG! A hand puppet!

    This here is a shameless bastard child of MW2 and BC2.

    DICE has EA's hand firmly inserted in their ass and are now an EA puppet.

  • yami

    I don't know why everyone says this, i find these 2 games completely different, aside for the fact that they have a similar speed in gameplay, besides that i don't really see much the same. The weapons look different, seems more team based, theres points streaks (not by kills, but they help to points), there is decision in support and offense point streaks, art style looks different, the sway in weapons, animations of the soldiers, destruction to a certain extent, vehicles, objective based gameplay (similar yet different to BFBC2), number of players online, larger maps, and besides all that the whole single player, and other things that come in the game seriously differentiates itself.

  • Bad

    As a Bad Company 2 player I have to agree that the two games look very much the same. Since I have purchased the MW2 a while back I will not waste money on something that plays the same. The only reson EA released MOH is to compete with MW2. BF2 and MW2 are two completely different games and EA knows it, that is why they had to come up with a product that could rival MW2

  • Jamie Pert

    it does look very similar, however the dramatic environments should make it far more difficult to gain huge killstreaks. I can't believe some of the similarities, such as the predator missile and the remote thing you use to call in support

    • Hoodie1878

      The ones like in EA's Battlefield on the old PS2 then? They're war games, what do you expect them to do? Call in an airstrike of Wild Geese?

      Next week: All driving games have tracks.

  • Hoodie1878

    It's a first person shooter, of course they look similar. It looks like a cross between BBC2 and COD to be honest. A Battlefield with better graphics. The multiplayer will be better (in my opinion) though as DICE are doing it and it may actually be more team based rather than the run and gun of the COD franchise.

    People forget gow long MOH has been about, maybe COD have copied them but just released onto the next-gen sooner? In reality though, who cares, if a formula works and is enjoyable then it shouldn't matter. I'll be playing GT5 anyway so will wait till they're cheap anyway!