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Mass Effect 2: Lair of the ShadowBroker – Review Roundup

Earlier this week BioWare released the Lair of the Shadowbroker DLC for Mass Effect 2, now reviews are coming in thick and fast, and by the looks of things it is well worth the 800 Microsoft/BioWare points.

Metacritic’s unique scoring system has given the DLC a metascore of 90/100 along with an impressive user score of 9.8, the metascore is derived from 7 reputable reviews, whereas the user score is derived from 10 user reviews.

Over the time these scores may change, however for now they seem very promising, if you would like to read some full detailed reviews be sure to check out IGN’s review (here) and GameSpots review (here).

GameSpot suggest that buying this DLC is a no-brainer for role players across the galaxy, whereas IGN sum things up buy saying “If you can only afford one piece of extra content for Mass Effect 2, this is the one to spend your money on”.

If you check out the Lair of the ShadowBroker metacritic page you should be able to keep in touch with all of the latest reviews, click on the following links for their review; Eurogamer, Gamer 2.0, ZTGameDomain, 3DJuegos and GameCritics.

Have you brought the Lair of the ShadowBroker DLC? Was it worth the money?

Source: metacritic


  • Robe

    The bonuses at the end of the DLC are well worth it since you can re-align your NPC attributes. The story line is awesome and for the female Shepards at least you can p/u on the relationship with a "female" character though some of the graphic interactions looked awkward at best.

  • izzy

    So good. Made me want play the whole game again. Well, worth the money

  • The best DLC by Miles
    everything else Pales in comparison

  • Baby

    Too short.

  • Kevin

    I got it expecting it to be the best DLC that Bioware ever made. They didn't let me down, it's so good.

  • José

    Absolutely!! Well worth the money!!

  • JllyGrn

    Mass Effect is my favorite series. I was so glad to get my Liara back. I wish there could be some DLC for doing missions for the Shadow Broker

  • tjayz

    Great DLC.

    Blue is awesome!

  • MyFavoriteStore

    Bought it.

    Love it.

    Go Blue!


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