iPod Touch 4G: New Features That Change Everything

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 10, 2010

Four days before Apple’s September 1 event we posted some information on the new iPod touch 4G and asked why should you upgrade? Now that the event has passed we’ve seen one of the biggest iPod revamps from Apple.

Today I wanted to focus on some key features that the new iPod touch has that change everything. The 3G iPod touch was a best seller for Apple, and this was thanks to the touch being almost everything that the iPhone was, but the gap between the devices has closed once again.

The 4G iPod features FaceTime, and this feature is possible thanks to forward and rear facing cameras. This feature is great for children and teens, parents cannot afford to give their children large budget call plans, especially in these bad economic times. This is possible thanks to using Wi-Fi networks instead of calling plans, and with wireless almost everywhere today it’s possible to make a video call from an iPod touch to another touch or iPhone for free.

Both cameras can be used during FaceTime calls, although the front camera is perfectly tuned for FaceTime video calls and the rear camera can be used to show your surroundings, switching between them is done with a simple tap.

If video calling is not your thing, and you love to watch movies or play games on an iPod touch, then you may be impressed by the Retina display on iPod touch 4G. Those that have a good eye for detail will enjoy the pixel density on the new display, which helps books look more clear, and gives iOS apps a whole new life.

Movies are still on the small screen – some people will not like this – but the Retina display makes movies look clearer, which is helped by the same screen having four times the number of pixels.

The cameras do more than just take photos or help with video calls; you can also use the built-in HD video camera. Perfect for those that want to create home movies, or quick holiday snaps from the pocket in stunning high definition. The video looks good in both low-light and bright settings, and built-in editing is a nice touch for those with a creative side.

Some users only play apps on their iPod Touch, and this is where the new horsepower and display comes in handy. The Retina display gives you a clearer image, and the new A4 chip in iPod 4G brings the device inline with iPad and iPhone. Allowing for more advanced gaming with unbelievable graphics on a portable device, the new Unreal Technology is perfect at showing this improvement. Add “Game Center” to the mix, and you have an amazing social gaming device as well.

So with these new features the new device is more an evolution than just an upgrade. Four days before the Apple event we knew a new iPod touch was coming, but Apple delivered much more than expected. It’s now clear that upgrading to the new iPod touch is just a point of cost (from $229).

One question comes to mind with the new iPod touch, and this is how close its feature set is to the iPhone 4. Is this a good plan by Apple?

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  • Shrenik Sanklecha

    ipod touch 4g rocks

  • nana

    Addicted to mine! Taking it to Italy so I can podcast the museums and skype home to check in.

  • Austin

    I got this iPod 3 days ago and I love it and the camera is actually pretty good. I heard there’s some software in it that makes it look like 5 mega pixels. I still love it either way.

  • Siyath

    Wooooow this i pod is just amaizing its true that the cam sucks but its obvious when ever u wannna take pic u lll take a camera with u still boy… Take loo at the amaiziing features and the amount of apps along with an amaizing processor this is shit…… I ve used N73 N81 N97 N8 butmstill feel like ive got nothing but whole lot of featureswhicch is of no use withoutsapps….. Its more like a whole lot of action….. In the ipod and once u get it u ll never leave it down.. What ever is said and done apple has it unique performance which doesn t meer any other conventions..the best or nothing.

  • nitya

    i am definately gonna go for it as it is the slimmest pmp with so many features in it. heck the camera. i already have a 12 mp nokia n8 and a blackberry bold2>

  • Pray

    Stop whining about the camera. At least it HAS a camera, unlike the first three generations of iPod touches. It's a great iPod touch, and I'm sure most of us already have cell phones that take photos of at LEAST 1.3 mega pixels. It's not a let-down to me because my phone already takes pictures of five mega-pixels, and if you don't have a phone, I'm sure you have to at least have a camera somewhere? Either way, I would imagine you're not getting the iPod Touch 4g JUST for the camera… The HD recording DOES beat my phone's recording capabilities though, and you can also edit the videos you record on this. With a better processor, retina display, and the fact that this connects with 802.11n networks, I'm happy with just that. I also heard it was a bit thinner than the other generations? Not sure, but that's always good too. 🙂 Its got face time and stronger battery. What more could you want? I mean, I know everyone's stating their opinion, but literally half of you all said things about the camera…
    ~ End. :p

  • black rj

    nice product,but the bullshit pixels of camera is sucking

  • getting ipod touch 4G friday soooo happy who wants to video chat lol

  • yao

    my parents are gonna get me one for chiristmas ,o man this is gonna be so cool whoooooo!!!!!!! but seriosly the 0.7 camera seriosly sucks but it still has the stunning HD video quality and all the other new stuf and as the other guy said the ipod will always be crawling bejind the iphone.but once again as always nice job apple

  • itouch 4g is too good maaaaan!!!

  • krish

    wat a itouch maaaan

  • blolco

    looks pretty nice, it was only a matter of time before apple put a camera on the touch but being only 0.7 megapixel its a bit of a let down. Although the HD video's very nice. I've never wanted and ipod more but i think i might still wait till the next gen cause i really want to get rid of the standalone camera and a 2 or 5 MP camera would suit me just fine. anyway good work apple as always.

  • lokienloki

    Hopefully, that front-facing cam is going to be usable for Skype as well. Anyway, if you already have the iPhone 4 then you don't have to get this one. iPod Touch 4 Unbiased Look

  • CriticalBoy

    LOL what a fanboy review,

    I do agree its a good product but the megapixels in the camera are shit, 0.7 MEGAPIXELS

    Come on it isnt 1990 anymore.. Why didn't they put in a 2 megapixel or 3.2 megapixel camera?

    Well, money. It is always about money and it will always be about money.

    Phone companies like AT&T pay a lot of money for those things not to come out, they subsidize the iPhone and that way Apple will benefit from keeping the ipod touch down.

    While the iPhone will stay the diamond of the apple the iPod Touch will always be crawling behind it.

    That said, i will still buy it 😀 because i don't want to be hooked up to those damned data plans.

    For pictures I recommend buying a camera : )

    • Susie leon

      The iPod touch 4g takes good pics and I like it a lot! Why buy a camera when you have a iPod touch 4g!!!

      • sophie

        i really cant wait for my ipod touch 4g its coming soon and by reading your post it makes me even more excited 🙂