iPhone iOS 4.1: Jailbreak Exploit for New iPod Touch and iPad too

Following on from our previous article which informed you about a full jailbreak and unlock guide for iPhone 3G users on iOS 4.1, we now have some more details on the new bootrom exploit that was discovered on iOS 4.1.

As reported from RedmondPie, the exploit was found by iPhone hacker Pod2g, but now the iPhone Dev Team have commented on it, confirming that the method works for more than one device.

According to ‘MuscleNerd’ from the Dev Team, the bootrom will also work on the New iPod Touch 4G device, and also the iPad along with the iPhone 4.

Here is a message posted by MuscleNerd on Twitter: ”That latest exploit from @pod2g confirmed to work beyond iPhone4…also on at least iPad and yesterday’s iPod4G too :)”

This of course means that if a new jailbreak solution is found for the iPhone 4 running iOS 4.1, then it is also likely to work on the new iPod Touch too!

Let us know your thoughts on this, stay tuned for further updates.



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