Have a Personalized Eating Plan: intelli-Diet for iPhone

By Gary Johnson - Sep 10, 2010

A revolutionary weight loss program has been released for owners of the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. intelli-Diet 1.0 provides users with a daily personalized healthy eating plan.

Released by Barracuda Partners LLC, the application was designed by a young Chicago entrepreneur – Brian Atz-. He said “I was frustrated with having to constantly track calories and spend lots of time planning meals to lose weight,” “intelli-Diet allows users to enjoy meals without the hassle of calculating or counting calories.”

The app automatically provides users with the right foods and portions doing away with the fuss of counting calories. It plans out meals based on foods you like, and maps out what to eat the following week, with foods you might have in stock.

Foods can easily be exchanged for others, and it records weight loss with the ability to post success through social media. Grocery lists are generated with meal reminders available, and the app has received good reviews from users.

intelli-Diet 1.0 is available worldwide on the App Store for the promotional price of $3.99. iOS 3.0 or later required.

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