Halo Reach vs. Call of Duty Black Ops: What Will Sell More?

By Jamie Pert - Sep 10, 2010

Over the next few months we have a lot of popular first-person shooters launching, Halo: Reach and Call of Duty: Black ops are perhaps the most highly anticipated, but which will do better in terms of sales?

For me I think that it is a no-brainer that Black Ops will follow in Modern Warfare 2’s footsteps and sell very well, perhaps it will even outsell MW2, however Stephen McGill (the Director of Xbox and Entertainment for Microsoft in the UK believes otherwise.

He suggests that so far 34 million people have previously purchased a Halo video game, and all of these will want to buy Halo: Reach, despite being a Halo fan I disagree.

In terms of Xbox 360 sales it could be pretty close, however Black Ops will be coming to more than just the Xbox 360 so overall it will easily sell more in my opinion.

Personally I feel that the Xbox 360 version of Black Ops will outsell Halo: Reach, do you?

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  • Jorge

    Halo reach is cool

    • Halo Halo

      i really appriechiet the cod players coming out of their lagged game and talking with the hardcore halo players, who needs killstreaks when there is wraiths
      Halo is awsome because
      1. you dont just kill russฤฑans
      2. it always changes
      3.cmon assasination are awsome
      4. forge beats anything shape or form
      5. black cocks stole the theatre from halo

  • black ops

    well its black ops becauce like the 2nd day it came it was already best seller but i think halo reach is ok but i think black ops better seller thanks

  • pack

    so what if halo beat call of duty in the first day sales. its only because a bunch of 5 year old kids went crying to their parents and the parents probably got to pissed that they just went out and bought so that the little kids would shut the hell up. so pretty much halo reach blows big ones and call of duty black ops bends reach over and anally rapes it all day everyday.

  • lloyd

    ha ha halo beat cod on 1st day 200m!

  • Jeremiah O

    Halo: Reach for SHIZZLE!

  • Jacob Sigely

    Oii halo reach is way better dudes.. aye cmon bro i bought black ops and the campaign is boring as heck the same repetitive gameplay. Multiplayer in BLACK OPS is so annoying when you start you immediatly get killed is that retarted or what, cod is so unfair people have better weapons better perks. Halo reach is amazing cmon the campaign is epic, going into space on a secret planet cmon we all know its better than the vietnamese war thats happend! HALO REACH is futuristic unlike cod which is in the past. Plus the multiplayer is EPIC IN halo reach and its fair

  • some random

    cod is better… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • spencer.johnson

    black ops isnt realistic cuz when does are military use crossbows thtas right never cuz thats wat guns are for haaaalo reach will rape

  • HaloReachFan

    I personally think halo is better. 4 reasons why: 1. you wont get killed easily.(armor lock, active camo, shields)
    2. you can drive all vehicles(i played black ops but not the campaign) 3. i like how the spartans,elites,grunts,vehicles,etc. look like. 4. dont you think modern weapons are boring and futuristic weapons are interesting?

  • jkl

    reach is waaaay better than cod. i dont care what anyone says.

  • im with HALO REACH but i have to admit BO will sell more since its on 3 platformes plus for all u ps3 fanboys saying cod is better i dont know what he fuk your talking about its the exact same as any other COD chasing a fukin russian terroist through the game and online its noobs camping with their FUKIN shotguns halo reach actually has differant campaign through out the halo series and WAY better graphics than fukin cod ITS GRAPHICS ARE SHIT.

  • let me refraise what i said, cod will sell more bieng that its on the wii 360 and ps3 but the vetter of the to is halo and hears y in campaine of blackops first of all i will be behind a wall and die like every other try, and keh sahn and some othr level cant think of it at the moment,but like the enemy never stops spawning,u have to sprint and risk dying to get a checkpoint,zombie modes cool aswell its just gets old to fast, whereas reaches forge never seems to get old,,,,naaaaa meann@

  • cod,quake wars,medal of honor,all the same,we need something unique,hmmm halo!halo ftw!

  • halo and hears y in cam,paine of blackops first of all i will b behind a wall and die like every other try, and keh sahn and some othr level cant think of it at the moment,but like the enemy never stops spawning,u have to risk dying to get a checkpoint,zombie modes cool aswell its just gets old to fast, whereas reaches forge never seems to get old,,,,naaaaa meann@

  • Reachfan 66

    only reason black ops will sell more is because it has more versions but halo is the better game and has the best guns as well as the better story and graphics.

  • bboobb

    blackops for shure all halo reach fans boooooooooo

    • halo rulezz

      boo in us ass….

  • cameron

    black ops has better online than reach so i would say black ops, and halo is getting old now

    • lloyd

      halo is getting old?!?! you ****ing cod fans have had 7 games of chasing a terrorist through an entire game just to find out you all die now halo fans hav had 4 halos i mean cod never changes one bit!

    • lloyd

      are you kidding me cod has 7 games halo has 4 how the **** is halo getting old!!!

  • Law

    Hey I saw a picture of sales around christmas and Black Opps was like 36$ nd reach was still like 55$ so i think that kinda goes to show which one was more anticipated. Also COD is a good game, but the players have no fuckin life, people 360 no scope headshotting my rcxd before i even spawn wtf? Tomahawking is fun but how does a blade in my arm kill me?? I get so pissed when teams stock up their incinerary strikes and send me and my boys to hell. Dont call me a newb cuz im pretty good at black opps but the story was like only a one time thing, multiplayers annoying and zombies is the best lol. Now to reach.. It A mazing! The players cant use over powered weapons cuz u dont make classes and im ok with halo camping cuz the assassinations are kinda funny. Around my neighborhood everyone loved reach then said black opps was better and now we r back to reach cuz black opps got real gay real quick. So halo reach is winner black opps sukki and Assassains Creed Brotherhood rox my sox

  • TYMAN8

    Well even though I am an avid fanboy of both games XD I would have to say Black Ops. C'mon people, it was obvious that Black Ops is gonna sell more. After MW2 came out (which was a tad over-rated in my oppinion, not hatin') it was obvious that CoD is gonna get more people. There is also an incredibly large fanbase for Halo, however Halo is only on Xbox, whereas CoD is on PS3, 360 and PC. Even on DS and Wii. Sure Halo had a few PC releases, but only on CE and 2.(people are still playin those.) Don't get me wrong, CoD and Halo are both amazing games, but CoD is the champion here. They are equal to me, but sales-wise, CoD is gonna win hands down.
    But I think in a year or 2, Gears Of War is gonna come and kick everyones ass! XD

  • black ops man

    Wait im a halo fan but i play ps3 but i thing cod black ops is wayy better because halo just got owned by people trading in for cod black ops

  • the guy

    I dont know halo 1 was actually better than call of duty and one thing is you cant say i like that cos its realistic halo is supppose to be fantasy and fantasy is fun dont get me wrong a huge fan of both series but i think halo will win overall

  • reach definitly

    black ops will out sell halo reach cuz its multi-plaformed but reach is definitly a better game with more replayability

  • cod

    call of duty all the way

    • Law

      Lol your name is cod you funny! Does tht make me feel cod is better? Lol not at all douche bag

  • JaYkE

    ok i was just talkin crap before i hadnt played any of them but now ive played both and ive realized when u start off reach it suks it takes ages to get in to the action theres only weird turkeys. cod black ops as soon as u play your shooting cops. yeah reach has forge thats boring you put so much effort into making your level and it turns out shit and it takes to long to make black ops you customize your own guns! and its just realistic the only thing i hate about black ops is its based on the cold war but they still make the game wiked what i hate about reach about everything so CoD black ops definitely ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • LolGuy

    Hey guys.
    I love halo and think it is totally awesome.
    If you want reasons I'll give you my top 3:

    1) CoD is realistic????? I've never seen someone walk across a huge firefight and come out with no scratch. At least spartans have power armour so it makes sense

    2) Halo has realistic missions (e.g go disable that tower so we can get past)
    In CoD I just walk around listening to the commander doing things for no reason

    3) The weapons are awesome. You say they are bad because they no realistic.
    So? They just weapons they shoot things up so stop complaining.

    Halo all the way!

  • gdutsdf

    black ops is a horrrible game but nazi zombies is the best the real game of the year goes to battlefeild bad company 2 vietnam but halo reach beats black ops

  • mekilme

    look i finished both, for the compain halo rules,but for the multiplayer halo gets boring after few weeks while black ops dont, for multiplayer black ops rules.and i think halo will sell more because everybody who has an xbox 360 will buy it, while for black ops only a portion of the people on each system will buy it.

  • E p I c noob

    man like really halo take no skills yall need armor that like 10 shoots to kill one person that is so sadBLACK OPS ALL THE WAY AND THE ZOMBIE MOD JUST THE BEST

  • joshua

    black ops all day reach sucks

  • blackopsftw

    Black Ops, all the way. 'nuff said.

  • Jackel Smith

    in personal oppion I have never like call of duty very much the multi player gaming was alright but i like Ghost recon 1 and 2 were better and halo may have been "Getting old" per say but it should atleast out sell black ops on xbox 360 because since halo 3 came out people have been anticipating the new vechicle's and armor and stuff ANYONE who liked the original 3 halo's will love reach. but as it was brought up reach will lose in the whole Cod has 3 platforms reach has 1 for the overall price but for 360 concider that Reach has new dedicated servers, graphics engine, forgeworld, and a whole lot of stuff is customizable (Halo wins XBOX) COD wins Overall but as i brought out i still like tom clancy's ghost recon more then cod (no remarks on that i just like it better funner better graphic then most of the cods and tom clancy is just a genius with games [GO SPLINTER CELL!] wooo)

  • yeahyeah

    halo is a more creative game. Now these two games shouldnt be in competition, i dont consider them to be the same type of game. you get a different feeling from playing both games, now madden and ncaa can be in competition, but halo and cod dont compare. its like comparing a racing game to a hunting game, they arent the same genre. i love both games, they both have there great aspects and thrills, each game has their downsides and their upsides. Halo isnt trying to realistic, thats not what there going for, they want it to be fantasy, now if you are in to realism, then call of duty has that in the bag, but in my own opionin i will have to choose halo reach, just because im better at it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • john

    halo reach is much better and will sell more.

  • reach

    halo ftw, screw cod the most garbage game u would ever play cock of doody modded warfail cocks 2

  • nathanfrey

    halo rocks

  • nathanfrey

    you can drive the cars in halo so halo rocks!!!!!!!!! so if you buy black ops your just wasting your money

  • flip poone

    black cops is better

  • phil

    black ops is not based on real life is it was it would be 1 bullet to kill anyone idiot and black ops still have slow server plus the knifeing still crap

  • Wahoopla

    Even Halo CE is better than Modern Warfare!

  • Both

    Honestly, I've played both games and thier fun, so this whole argument is stupid. But if you think CoD is better cuz it's realistic, your stupid. If the earth went into nuclear warfare, most video-gamers wouldn't run out there and slaughter the whole Russian army, they'd be hiding under thier beds. If CoD really happened , it would be a nightmare.

  • Tigga

    I think CoD Black Ops will outsell Reach. That being said, CoD comes out on all consoles, while Reach is only on 360. Reach will probably be a better game though, as Bungie has put 3 years and lots of thought into it. Infinity ward rushes their games out once a year and has way less time to do it. Black Ops will probably be super similar to Modern Warfare with a few new features while Reach will be totally different do to new developments. Also does Black Ops have Jet Packs?

  • halo reach ftw

    halo reach all the way. @black ops rock: its called a sci-fi game people. its supposed to be based on future life. course its not based on real life. sci fi games ftw. cod's just cliche, and you cant use vehicles, forge, or armor abilities? vehicles and forge are soo awesome on halo. forge is so expansive and free. you have the ability to do what you want, unlike cod. plus in cod everyone hacks and glitches and cheats. halo takes kill. cod you just spray one bullet and theyre dead, wtf. seriously.

  • leon

    HEY HEY HEY COD black ops sucks dick just like mw2 its the damn same stop saying cod sold more your just saying that to protect your shity cock of duty black cocks halo reach is 999999999999999999 way time better then cod black cocks why better gameplay better maps better campaign all that shit so u cod fanboys need to stop protectin cod cause reach sells more and is better dont believe me then GTFO

  • frank

    you people all fail cuz your arguing over 2 good games. i have both and they both tell a good story and there both good online games. if you are mad cuz u think halo suck just cuz u dont have an xbox 360, your the failure not the people who think halo reach or black ops are good. if your saying that eithor one is a failure or fake, thats your opinion.

  • Halo Wins…

    My user says it all…!!!! HALO

  • Jhon

    Halo Will Sell Less Due to The fact That It's For One Console where as COD is for 2 and pc..But Halo is A Better game..Its original. Cod is so basic and it is dis organized,I have both so I can say halo is much better WAYYY more fun.

  • black ops

    black ops all the way. I have black ops and reach black ops way better . live is awsome.

  • Jesse

    Halo:Reach is by far the better game, including the campaign, and multiplayer. But because BO is coming out on more than one console it will be hard to sell more. BUT HALO ALL THE WAY!!

  • mike

    Halo Reach is a challenging competitive Game. Modern warfare 2 and Black Ops is an easy game for people who don't like a challenge. For example. you're tired yet you want to kill someone on a game CoD is the game for you. Now you are fully alert and ready to show who is boss, Halo is the game for you. Now the reason I've come to this point is because mostly everyone wants to sit back and enjoy the game and not have to try to get a kill therefore making the sales of CoD more not only because its a follow up from MW2 but because its a easy to kill easy to die game. Most Americans want that. Something thats not too hard for them so they can have fun or talk shit after some random kill they got having no skill what so ever. I Myself enjoy both games but, Halo Reach takes more skill than The CoD Games.

  • AwsomeMan085

    Im committed to not making any complaints of Black Ops until I actually play it. In my opinion, though, until Call of Duty introduces any map customization features, Halo's Forge World has it beat ten times over. Unpredictability on new maps is constantly testing your ability to play, not just your knowledge of where to camp or where the sniper is.

    Second, I agree with whoever said that you cant base these games on sales. All Im concerned about is that Xbox360 is having a steller year for sales. Sony sucks. Sorry.

    Last, Modern Warfare was a pretty fun game… for a while. There wasnt enough variety on Live. The mechanics of the game were well put together, until modders and hackers got ahold of the servers. It did however beat Halo 3's Live lobby, to say the most.

    Overall, both Call of Duty and Halo are superior franchises compared to almost all other first person shooters. I still lean on Halo Reach in the way that you can play it by yourself and have a good time, with Forge and Firefight. I have yet to play Zombies, but my opinion stays with Halo for the time being.

    PS. Theater in CoD is not as big an achievement as Forge World in Reach.

  • RealBlackOps

    Playstaion has better graphics because of bluray discs? Wtf are you are talking about man… Go back and join all the other frantic, non-stop nade-throwing noobs on Halo

    • DraMa Iz Fly – Xbox

      Omg your stupid, blue ray discs = 80gb discs, meaning more stuff can be put on the disc which = better graphics.

      I'm guessing your a 14 year old cyber toller?

    • LolGuy

      …so we are noobs because we throw grenades?
      I'll have you know that grenades are mulit-purpose tools that can save you in times of
      need in an assault or firefight.


  • DraMa Iz Fly – Xbox


    Reach will blow Black Ops out of the water, plus what I heard of it so far, it BLOWS.

    People say the graphics aren't as good, boo hoo. I Still play PS1 games because it's all about playability not graphics, you could have the worst graphics ever and have the worst game ever ( Kind of like I heard Medal of Honor was. )

    I play on both systems too, I have a PS3 and a Xbox360. Only thing I see Call of Duty multiplayer for is a waste of time i must do before I can Gamebattle on it. Halo I can play and enjoy various different game modes,

    Halo IS better then any Call of Duty ( Excluding Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare, which still holds true as the best and only good "modern" Call of Duty game )

    Plus on a side note, xbox lovers of CoD, get a PS3 if that's all your going to play. The Grapics are way better due to the blue ray discs, and the online servers are way better with less lag.

    Not to mention all the Black Ops fanboys on here can't spell or punctuate to save their lifes.

  • DraMa Iz Fly – Xbox

    They could come out with a Call of Duty game with two different small multiplayer maps and a terrible story mode thats like 3 chapters long, hype it up for a year and still outsell any game besides other CoDs.

    Thats just how well liked Call of Duty is, it's built off the franchise and with its multi-system platforms sell more.

    Sales aren't everything when it comes to a better game, Halo takes 10 times more still ANY Call of Duty game, One shot bam dead for call of duty. It has tons of little Sniper fanboys and everyone wants to sit in a corner and camp. Halo on the other hand, plan your shots. 5 PERFECT shots to kill someone, to do well you almost have to use great teamwork, Call of Duty what you do? Start game run in different directions and sit in a corner with a shotgun.

    For those of you who say that they won't camp with shotguns in Black Ops, fine say they don't, change it to camping with a MP5

    Sure Black Ops will sell more, they have a wider sales spread opportunity, while Halo is on Microsoft only.

  • Jesus

    Halo is for ten year old little faggots

    • aaa


    • Jorge

      halo is not for kids, you need skill and good aiming

  • kesledin

    I have to admit, HALO REACH is awesome and I know that cause I currently own it. I also own mw2 (360), which was also an amazing game. I really don't think we can compare these two by sales, because black ops will be for multiple consoles and reach was only on 360. But on xbox 360 alone, Reach will definitely outsell Black Ops. Another thing I want to add is both games will be on 360, but only black ops will be on PS3. PS3 is missing out on an REACH, so 360 will own PS3 this year. And yeah, I have both 360 and PS3.

  • Jhon sparten


    • Unbiased

      You fail.

      • haloooo

        so does ur mom in bed unbiased xD

  • kennay

    notice all the posts saying b ops will sell more have a lot of negatives? lotta biased opinions

  • Sarah

    Reach is cool but I think that Black Ops will be waaay cooler ๐Ÿ˜›

  • AlinH2

    … Halo: Reach is a Exclusive Game for Xbox 360 ! Black ops on all platforms .. And will be more buyed … I have Halol: Reach and is so cool and is more better than Black ops but Black ops will be more selled

  • j

    i like halo better becase halo dosent have noob tubes or hackers

  • the dude

    call of DOODES suck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Jake

    People are predicting Black OPs to sell a lot because of the success of modern warfare 2 but i know a lot of people, including me that are planning not to get black ops because so far all of the treyarch games have kinda sucked (besides zombies) and infinity ward games have been a lot better. So far the best cod games have been by infinty ward and saying this…the real reason black ops might sell more is because it is being released on more platforms. I mean to say that if both games were for all consoles then halo reach would have easily sold more games. p.s. cant wait for bungie and activision game.

  • Hello

    I love the 2 games, sci-fi and real wars.


  • justin morow

    honestly think about it mw2 came out last freeking november and still cost 60 bucks even at gamestop. so the reality is that a lot of people have bought that game and all of those people are going to want to extend the story of mw2 in blackops. and my honest opinion is that halo is one lame game who wnts to sit around and play the same game format just new lovers so all of you halo lovers need to consider playing call of duty; black ops and expand your mind and i will almost gaurentee that you will never touch halo again if any thing take it to gamestop so you can afford it. for everyone that loves call of duty rock on man my gamer tag is. gamebox000

    • reach and rise

      It's pathetic when you say how all halo lovers wuld play call of duty, I played every single one and guess what…THEY ARE ALL THE SAME TO ME.they all take place in a world where annything Normal can happen except a russian nuke,so dont hate halo for being nrealistic when yur game has the russians nuking america,the cold wars ver guy and so should call of duty.

    • Jorge

      the only diferent COD i have played is the MW and MW2

  • AUG Devastator369

    a lot of reach people are complaining about black ops being on ps3 and they think thats why reach will sell more copies but if black ops was only on xbox more people that like black ops will buy the xbox 360 to buy black ops Fuck reach go BBlack ops!!

  • jeffrykindred

    halo sucks so bad its not even funny. my brother bought reach the day it came out. there is nothing good about it. the only thing thats different than the other halo games is the stupid jet pack,armor lock, running and personal shield. in my opinion if you buy reach then your brain ****ed and i hate you. CoD is 100%++ the way to go it is realistic and the guns dont suck balls. even if CoD was for xbox only it would still be better. dont get me wrong halo has been basically the same since number 1. and i like them both but CoD is a way better game. i would rather starve then choose halo of CoD.
    p.s. this is just a personal opinion, i do like both halo and CoD. just i like CoD wayyyyyyyyyyy more ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Reach and Rise

      Dont act like you like halo hater. You just say that so you won't get the spam yu deserve for bias crap taking up all sites. Halo reach is ending A series that created a great surrealistic world while modern warfare 2 was just you doing what you could in real life but wait,THERE CAN'T be insane modders in real life!

    • halo

      lol i played black ops guess what it sucks -.- the guns suck im good at it but it still sucks ;] halo reach ftw ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • jack

    black ops has zombies, i'm never going to touch hallo again

  • ajaya

    Halo will not outsell black ops because Halo is only for XBOX 360 but ops is for PC XBOX ans PS3

  • Black ops ftw

    Reach didnt even beat mws sales on the 360… yes its multiplatform but astill on the 360 alone reach failed to do it… and black ops will be better than mw2

  • You know

    I like reach but it doesn't have what blacks opps is going to have! Not even close! Black opss all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Halo

    I luv how the comments r filled with halo hate when majority of the people say HALOS THE BETTER GAME!!!!!

  • someone

    do you know that we are talking about video games and not about the real life?

    Call of Duty is great, its based on the real life and what?

    if you want something real, say away from the console and go to do some exercise, you guys and the reality in the video games, make me laugh

    • Halo

      You are totally on the mark my friend. LOL!

    • Jesse

      perfert fricken point, that's COD players only arguement.

  • black ops rock

    halos fucked up like alians relly. black ops is awsome its basied on real life un like halo

    • Halo FTW

      yeah……I remember when the whole earth went into nuclear warfare, or when we shot up a russian airport/

    • Benchimus

      Who gives a shit if black ops is based on real life?Would you rather be a pussy regular human who dies to one or two bullets or a cyborg who can take a whole magazine and shake it off? COD is for panzies who suck at Halo. Its for people who cant aim for shit and need to spray and pray to get a kill. Easy to do since it takes like 2 bullets to die in COD. Come on, COD is a joke. Noob tube anyone? Its a camp fest. Weve all played it and no matter how much you or anyone else may not want to admit it, it does not take as much skill to win in it as it does Halo.

    • reach

      u might as well buy a gun urself and go shoot people anyone u see in real life if u want "real life"

    • James

      They are two different games, one is meant to be based in fantasy, while the other is meant to be based more in reality, which it doesn't do a very good job of if you ask me.

    • blackopsrockisgay

      are you a retard how is having aliens in a gam ****ed up so gears of war is a bad game cause it has aliens no. plus some of the best games arent based on real u stupid ****

    • halo lelo reache

      yeah whats the point of haveing an entire virtual world to create an artistic enviroment for designers if they just wanna stick to the laws of the "real world"? yeah im gunna make a game where i cant fly, where i cant take a full clip, where i cant jump over your head and do a 180 ninja on ur azz, lolz souds like fuuuun… psh please…and halos multiplayer is just as deep as cod in a different way, instead of getting new shit for leveling up and becoming a better player because u have better equipment halos weapons all take a certain amount of skill to use u have to give a massive lead to the needler and predict your opponents path to get the kill, or the close range weapons where crouching to avoid motion detection and owning newbs before they even know whats going on is a valid strat, not to mention the dmr and sniper which now have kickback to make them even harder to master when you level up in game all you get to show is a fancy new emblem but with that come another level of experience real actual tactical skills formulating in your head instead of just oh shit om near the next killstreak time to just camp and wait for some kills to run by then oh shit i got a helicopter doing all the work for me now, i can understand old halo players staying with cod, the bar keeps rising and to be good at halo u have to keep up, if u dropped out of it during te last few years and moved on to weak asss duty than why make things harder for yourself right? so mabe newbies wont like halo, but its alright cause ill be fraggin kids with skill and will always be better at video games than most of the population

    • timmy

      so according to you, gear's of war, World of Warcraft, Star Wars, oblivion are all bad

  • HaloReach


  • Zigey

    Halo reach is the greater game (IMO) but seeing as black ops is being released on three platforms it will be very hard for halo to outsell COD.

    • cameron

      u wish , but black ops is way better

  • Chris

    Black Ops will sell more. Why? Because Infinity Ward has changed up the Game play every single time they come out with a new game, where as Halo has kept the same format

    • James

      Infinity Ward didn't make black ops.

    • timmy

      that's like say new super mario bros will suck because it has barely changed since the original super mario bros

  • bla

    i think black ops will be way better than reach yeah i have to admmit reach is a good game but think about it you get a fricken crossbow in black ops and a little remote controled car and reach is all future black ops is now and plus black ops has another zombie thing i just think tht black ops will be better

    • REACH

      1. umm the crossbow well cool kinda sucks and is real hard to get used to
      2. that stupid car is the most annoying thing ever!
      3. black ops is not modern it was based off the cold war
      4. zombies is ok just not the greatest (just my opinion dont hate me for that)
      i own reach and have played blackops but i think for now blackops will be fun but eventually every 360 owner will get bored of it and go back to reach coz in the long run definatly its got more to offer.
      and another pro about halo is no getting shot in the back and ur dead u get a chance to fight back also for all u saying "halo is dumb coz its not realistic like cod" have no clue what ur talkin bout coz first halo was not meant to be realistic and second cod takes n average 3-4 from assault rifles shot kill but in reality u could easily kill with 1-2 9mm pistol rounds not counting body armour.

  • Negro 101

    i thought that black ops was gonna lose on the xbox miserably but the pre-orders show differently, i cant find the site right now but black ops pre orders killing those for reach right now so i think it will win on the xbox, i just wish it was made by the makers of cod 6, i dont think it will be much better if at all better that the legendary mw2, (and no i LOVE halo, i just like cod more)

    • random

      No, if black ops was made by infinity ward, then the multiplayer would suck mostly because after like 2 or 3 months of mw2 was out people started being fags and hackin and moddin and all that. treyarch is goin to make sure that the multiplayer in black ops is not gunna be messed up or something like that. BLACK OPS!

    • Jorge

      at least you are not a fan xD

  • Alin

    I am 100% certain that reach will beat the sales for Black Ops on Xbox 360 only. Black ops is coming out on PS3, 360 and PC. I also know that black ops will be better than reach as I have played reach and really dont like it. Just my opinion.

  • JaYkE

    CoD black ops will kick butt. i mean they both have strategies halo came out early but CoD is on ps3 too so i like CoD because its actually modern not like fake future crap go CoD all the way

    • JaYkE

      that was not supposed to come up DAMN

    • the replier

      I agree multiplayerwise, but storywise halos got it all the way. CODs' stories are usually trash.

    • JaYkE

      haha i gave my self thumz down

  • Jack

    Considering that ppl are thinking reach will outsell gta IV sales for one week (500 million dollars!) I’d say black ops is screwed on the 360. Once black ops comes out ppl won’t care cuz they’ll still be playing reach. And to ppl who say reach doesn’t improve on halo 3 that’s some lame bs. Reach has new dedicated servers, graphics engine, forgeworld, and almost everything is customizable ( but so is black ops, when it comes to guns). I’d say reach on 360, black ops overall.

  • austin

    reach will beat cod its campaign is way better and so is the multiplayer and i have it so i know what im saying

    • ryan

      thats right austin i have halo reach too it is waaaaaaaaaaay better than mw2 i am going with reach

      • Blue Ops

        I played to Black Ops Campaign and it's worthless. Infinity Ward tried to outdo MW2 so much, so they just made it more gory. Reach has a great story, beautiful landscapes and tractics are needed, not just CoD's mindlees shooting.

    • black ops fan#1

      i have black ops so i know what im saying too and its campaign is way better. if only halo players knew what they were missing i say halo players should get black ops and when they do they will feel like taking a dump on the halo cd and case and then burning it

  • chris

    1 THING.MW2 was a beast game untill all the moddng.It out sold halo3 by 110,000 copies in the first day.Black ops will out sell reach by far.halo is bad and not up to date.Black ops their fixing the hacking you can customize everything and commando is gone.call of duty is wayyyy more popular than halo.halo is for little kids whom think they are pro.the only reason people say halo takes skill is caused they have a pro circuit for mlg.thats a joke all you do is jump around untill one gets lucky for the headshot.all you halo fans are stupid cause call of duty is on top.and destroys every halo game.

    • Wazkicken

      Okay, you are obviously a CoD fanboy and for that I am dearly sorry.

      Halo isn’t meant to be a realistic game, it’s surrealism.

      And Halo honestly does take more skill than CoD, if you call quickscoping skill then I feel bad for you. CoD is “whoever shoots first wins” which is technically true in most cases, in Reach you have to time your shots not spam which is a much harder skill to achieve.

    • Darkness

      Don't listen to any of these hating halo fans. the COD pandemic will come

    • Bjork

      you fag, halo reach will smash black ops nuts in on the sales, halo has been voted the best multiplayer experiencing game countless times. not bashing on black ops, but you obviously have never played halo to say its not up to date, or you just suck at it and you like butt hole MW2 too much.

  • nik

    halo rwach is cause modern warfare 2 really sucked wish i never bought it

    • jilhiugvcy

      i agree but cod modern arfare to was awsome

  • Bob

    Black Ops all the way..I like realistic games and not fantasy…Screw Reach..And you don't see Halo Custimizing their character with real guns and crap…This is my opionion.

    • Brian

      LOL you call Mw2 realistic?

      • JaYkE

        shut up mo fo

    • Simon C.

      People play video games to get away from reality idiot . Fantacy is where we can use our imaginations and escape from the real world. COD is fun for a little while, but lets face it, after a few months of playing, it becomes boring as shit. COD online is just a bunch of cheap bastards who hide around corners with shotguns waiting to get free kills. NO skill. Halo is for pros, and it rarely gets boring. And COD could never hope to create something as inovative and groundbreaking as Forge World. Halo Reach all the way noob.

    • DraMa Iz Fly – Xbox

      Halo does customize their characters, they did it before COD, who cars if i can't put a pistol wielding unicorn on my gun?

    • JoeBlo

      Oh yes getting got shot twenty times and magically getting better all the time is realistic.

    • timmy

      go to the hairdresser and then go join the army if you want realism and customization because cod is not realistic at all. oh, and a bunch of pixels are definately real guns, you can pull them out of the screen and shoot with them in real life can't you?

  • Dan

    Black Ops is going to top Halo Reach plain and simple. MW2 brought in a huge revenue, especially with Xbox 360 owners. That being said, almost all the people who bought MW2, are going to Black Ops to stay with the CoD series and for something new. Yes, Halo is a great game, but due to overwhelming amount of people playing MW2, Black Ops is going to be highly anticipated and will sell more than Reach.

    • DraMa Iz Fly – Xbox

      They'll buy it because of all the hype and past history with it. They'll buy it hoping to contiune playing Call of Duty the way it used to be and hoping they fix the mistakes Mw2 made.

  • Joel

    Halo Reach all the way.

    • statistics

      well just look at it like this
      youtube: halo reach trailers average about 3 million views not bad
      facebook:halo reach about 140k likes not that good
      youtube: black ops average about 7 million views awesome
      facebook: black ops 860k great
      you do the math

      • JaYkE

        very very true

      • Jerome

        That doesn't mean much. Not everyboy that plays games enjoys youtubing videos on the game or facebook liking it… Maybe they just like actually PLAYING the game…? It's a possibility. But yes, Black Ops obviously will have more seeing as it's multi-platform (like everyone seems to point out).

      • DraMa Iz Fly – Xbox

        well for one statistics, halo players don't sit and troll the net watching stupid montages all day of people doing the same shots over and over

      • Jorge

        i normaly not enter in youtube and i dont like facebook ๐Ÿ˜›

  • random

    Black ops will sell more than Halo: Reach in total but if only count on xbox 360 i guess reach

    • JaYkE

      that may bet true but the reason is because the people hoo play xbox 360 obviously like halo more thats why thay get a 360 cause it has halo

      • billy bob thorton

        wing wang wwillwilly boloolooloo!!!!!!!!!

  • kang

    halo reach will sell more copies

  • Kannakang

    halo would have to be on both consoles to even touch black ops IMO. im on ps3 but have many friends on xbox, def not hating on XOBOX, i play on both. but alot of my friend are headed to the black side! LOL! they are saying that halo is getting old and nothing to speical to offer and black ops has alot of new things to toy with. thats the feed ive been getting here in LV.

  • devonta

    To tell the truth Halo is going to sell more than COD black Ops cause infinty ward didnt make so MW2 is going to be way better…like cod4 to cod world at war…and on the plus side its the last HALO…this going to be a must have games like gears was n madden

  • Hai

    I Don't Think Halo Will Outsell Because Just Look Reach Is A Day Away And Hardly Anyone Gives A Shit But Black Ops Is 2 Months Away And Everyone Can't Wait.
    Halo Is Just Simply Over It's The Starting Point Since CoD 4 That COD Will Take Over The Gaming Industry Look AT Mw2 Earning Nearly 2 Billion Dollars That's Fuckin CRAZY!!!!!

    • henk

      I disagree, halo is a really anticipated game and from all the footage and the beta you can just see it's a masterpiece! And black ops doesn't nearly looks as good as mw2 did, it wil fail just as waw.

      In the end black ops will probably outsell halo overall but not if you only look at the xbox version.

      • diego

        yep cod is just some pussy humans halo has fantasy action its awesom ๐Ÿ˜€

    • the replier

      seriously!? Man i own a ps3 and i was exited as hell to play this game. Luv COD to but i just mehat it wen i got halo!

    • sir

      lol u had minus 8 for ur comment. all coments in favor of black ops is negative n those for halo are positive. so what does tht tell you?

    • Luke

      Halo 1 sold more copies than cod 1 2 3 4 5 6 reach for the win

    • Jacob

      Your Predictions are full of ****.The Beta Was Played like crazy, theres less spamming, the game takes skill to play, Its not just Hipshot Headshot, Video games are supposed to be Fiction, All the guns arent broken(Except for the rocket laucher but that is supposed to be broken),the storyline is beastly, It actually has color, Who gives a crap if we can make our pistols Unicorn spitters, Forge World,Cooler Looking guns,Your humanitys last hope, Plot twists, Armor Abilities, Vehicles, online gameplay doesnt get repetitive after 2 minutes, More game modes, Yeah the list goes on.Everyone knows tht Halo Reach is For More Mture Players, And It takes A lot more skill,Idiots.

    • timmy

      you obviously dont know anyone except maybe your 4 year old brother

  • jack

    i think halo reach outsell black op but black op will outsell ps3 with xbox

    • mr. fantastic

      it more of a chance that black ops will sell more cause reach is only for xbox black ops is for ps3, xbox, ds, and wii

  • Light

    I think it comes down to sales I m going with Reach for Xbox360 since its a bungie farewell it may sell more

    • bluedragon

      it might not be the last halo but right now im mad a bungie cause they r thinking about makeing halo for ps3
      i dont want them to give up and make halo for ps3

  • bob

    Black Ops will sell more, but Reach is the better game.

    • JaYkE

      yes black ops will win but reach is not a better game its just about spartans dying and stuff CoD is more real and modern reach is fantasy fake stuff so black ops all the way WAIT look i know you want me to shut up but i guess they both have strtegies halo is more known and it came out earlier while black ops is on ps3 xbox and pc and ITS BETTER ps. i have a ps3

      • Critic xD

        Five reasons why your wrong.
        1.Halo, is different than nearly every other game ever made.
        2. You can't say it's shit, when Halo is one of the world most successful game series' ever. The haters are mainly people who bought a PS3 (not an xbox) and thought,"Oh shit, halos amazing, but I just spent $300 on a PS3 which you can't play halo on so I stand by my money.", Halo fans, we all know them fools want halo, they just don't want to spend a lot of money on an xbox (BTW, some people even do, my mate bought an xbox, just for reach)
        3. Pros at COD have an advantage. From playing longer, you get better weapons, load outs and kill streak rewards. So new people don't even stand a chance. I remember when I first started Cod, "yeah, I got a 12 gauge bitch!" and there comes a guy five meters away with models which kills me in one shot, I stand no chance. This is unlike halo, where players can enjoy themselves, even play with players of their own skill and end up having fun as good player standing high next to the pros over time.
        4. The campaign is amazing, with a hugely more detailed and in depth story and hundreds (literary) of different game play situations. Beating CODs very very unoriginal ideas. Plus, Halo makes more sense and I would say, (suprisingly) More realistic. As in halo you are a spartan, who is a altered-genetic, kick ass, Highly advanced super solider which stands 7 foot high with heavy armour, no wonder he kills an army's worth aliens. In Cod, you are an SAS solider, who can somehow kill an entire army too.
        5. Oh right, so COD has killcam, 'big woop', halo has theatre. And how can COD respond to Forge, an amazing editing tool to customise to your hearts content.

        And there's more still, armour customisation, authenticity (Game play can go on for hours, without getting boring), better ranking, there's too many things to name. So, come of guys, YOU know halos better, but some of you just don't want it to be.

        (P.S, I'm a critic, you can't argue with me =P)

        • nabil

          so u think that u can make tactics when shooting with lazer guns or that u would like to shoot aliens rather than play a game with a beter story graphics and come on 600$ on an xbox and 70$ a game or 1300$(an extremaly fast and good computer) on a computer which is used for a massive amount of stuff other than just gaming besides a game on a pc is about 50$ so come on reach or black ops?

        • bluedragon

          ok so your a critic and i can argue with u but i will not cause halo is awsome and every thing about halo is better to

      • Critic xD

        Five reasons why your wrong.
        1.Halo, is different than nearly every other game ever made.
        2. You can't say it's shit, when Halo is one of the world most successful game series' ever. The haters are mainly people who bought a PS3 (not an xbox) and thought,"Oh, halos amazing, but I just spent $300 on a PS3 which you can't play halo on so I stand by my money.", Halo fans, we all know them fools want halo, they just don't want to spend a lot of money on an xbox (BTW, some people even do, my mate bought an xbox, just for reach and below, 'the replier' said: Completely agree with you. It's so good im switchin my ps3 for a reach/360 bundle pacl… proved you wrong? D=)
        3. Pros at COD have an advantage. From playing longer, you get better weapons, load outs and kill streak rewards. So new people don't even stand a chance. I remember when I first started Cod, "yeah, I got a 12 gauge!" and there comes a guy five meters away with models which kills me in one shot, I stand no chance. This is unlike halo, where players can enjoy themselves, even play with players of their own skill and end up having fun as good player standing high next to the pros over time.
        4. The campaign is amazing, with a hugely more detailed and in depth story and hundreds (literary) of different game play situations. Beating CODs very very unoriginal ideas. Plus, Halo makes more sense and I would say, (suprisingly) More realistic. As in halo you are a spartan who is a altered-genetic, kick ass, Highly advanced super solider which stands 7 foot high with heavy armour, no wonder he kills an army's worth aliens. In Cod, you are an SAS solider, who can somehow kill an entire army too.
        5. Oh right, so COD has killcam, 'big woop', halo has theatre. And how can COD respond to Forge, an amazing editing tool to customise to your hearts content.

        And there's more still, armour customisation, authenticity (Game play can go on for hours, without getting boring), better ranking, there's too many things to name. So, come of guys, YOU know halos better, but some of you just don't want it to be.

        + you would have a ps3 wouldn't you? look at point 2 ๐Ÿ˜‰
        + black ops will win? Your the only one who's called this a competition???
        + black ops is realistic? (point 4) Even if it was, join the army, that's REAL! If not, play something that couldn't happen, something where this 'fantasy fake stuff' is possible to enjoy, have some imagination? =P
        + Look at point 3, no, in black ops you die in pretty much one shot, kinda hard to make a plan then, huh? In Halo, you can plan without instant failure most of the time xD.
        = Sorry mate, you point's are invalid. xD

        • HaloReachForeva

          This is the **** I was waiting for. Another reason that black ops will fail is because that it is not made from infinity ward so it will fail miserably. Videogames are videogames that is why it should be unreal. For all you cod players out there that think cod is better because its realistic, thats the dumbest **** I have heard. If you want realistic, go join the army. Halo reach is way more original because they had to think of everything they made from scratch. There is no ideas like halo. No such things as spartans or grunts, or elites in any other game. For fps's like Cod, theres games like battlefield and medal of honor which try to imitate realistic.

        • blackopsrulez

          actually infinity ward didn't make black ops, they made mw2, but black ops was done by treyarch. And for the argument: based on mw2 being the best selling xbox 360 game of all time, black ops will probably do just as good.

      • DraMa

        thats why you like it better, because you don't have halo lmao

    • mike

      agreen reach IS THE BETTER GAME, but black ops i think will sell more then halo reach cause its in every system, lol, and i think reach will sell more then xbox 360 ops though, and good thing reach is exclusive for the 360 unilke ops its on every damn system.

    • Chris

      Thats your opinion.

    • kamran k

      no reach aint the better game irs the worst game av played its fake it looks lyk a kids game masks and shit

      • scott sharples

        cod can easy research the gun we hav today and the one we had, while halo has to think about creating new guns and war soldiers look like in the year 2552 so halo needs to think more than cod, cod just needs to find guns and but them on the system.
        so in my opinion halo is more fun on the campain and forge also matchmaking is nearly as good as cod but cod just makes matchmaking and campain also halo made fire-fight mode so in my opinion halo = 9/10 as cod 7/10.

        • rusty shackleford

          really halo has to think more in order to make shit up lol i know 5 year olds who can make a better story line than all the halos except halo 3…

        • timmy

          well then you must know 2 month olds who can make better story lines than cod

    • the replier

      Completely agree with you. It's so good im switchin my ps3 for a reach/360 bundle pacl.

    • Matt

      too right, halo will always be better than cod

    • mr. fantastic

      yah i am a fan of cod but reach is better in my oppinion

    • dakota

      thats not what call of duty black ops and there 18 million people that bought the game in the first day say they say halo sucks plus Halo is know way realistic thats the reason why people like call of duty more than halo

    • halosux

      no it isnt black ops is the better game lol?

    • Anonymus

      There is no better game, different people have different opinions.

    • nathan frey

      i like halo the best because you can drive the vehicals in multiplayer

    • haloreach

      hey cod black ops theater sucks graphics sucks and it dosent require any skill its a who see who first style of game so halo rules

      • Joe


    • Joe

      You're right.
      I hate being tomahawked all across the map at the beginning of half of the games by faggs like 90% of CoD's fans.

  • gaaaaaammeeezzz

    maybe black ops will outsell halo reach because halo reach is only for xbox 360 while cod black ops will be for ps3 and xbox 360

    • ian

      and pc lolz

    • COD FAn

      And WII

    • JaYkE

      and ds

  • michael

    It's obviously black ops, i predict 1st day halo will sell 3 million compared to COD which will be close to 7 million, which was mw2s sales. Also black ops will recruit probably 3 milion on xbox 3 million on ps3, 1 million on pc, 900,000 on wii, 400,00 on ds

    • dacfsfs@ydhbaw

      black ops all the way man

    • mike

      idiot .halo reach sold 200 million in the launch day look it up on wikipedia

      • sir

        lol these idiots that talk without knowing anything get so annoying

      • Michael

        ROFLCOPTER!!!!!! this dude is on crack. 200 million??? Thats wayyy more then ps3,wii,360 sales combined! And if u didnt know, wikipedia isnt the best source for info cuz ppl can add in info that could be false. Hahahaha!!!! 200 million….

        • tdogg

          one) roflcopter, really? two) he meant they sold 200 million dollars worth of copies

        • halo and hears y in cam,paine of blackops first of all i will b behind a wall and die like every other try, and keh sahn and some othr level cant think of it at the moment,but like the enemy never stops spawning,u have to risk dying to get a checkpoint,zombie modes cool aswell its just gets old to fast, whereas reaches forge never seems to get old,,,,naaaaa meann@!

    • Tdogg

      well your predictions were way wrong reach made $200 million and black ops only made $5 million