Google Earth: Now has its own website

Fans of Google Earth can now use its new website dedicated to the service, which now offers guides on the more advanced features of the software.

Matthew Bolton of Techradar is reporting that it seems like Google are trying to push the service as more of an advanced tool than the simple plaything that most people see it as. Some of the features of the new site include guides on creating tours, importing data, and creating 3D buildings.

There is a feature showcasing some of the service’s more recent additions including Mars, Moon, and the Ocean. Information on how various businesses might use Google Earth, including data providers, educators, media and non-profit organizations.

Details of the mobile service and the Google Earth Help Forum can also be found, and even help for complete beginners to the service. You can even sign up to the newsletter or follow on Twitter. At the moment the site is only available in English, but more languages are promised soon.

Find the new site here.


  • Desmond Kellard

    I recently downloaded Google Earth When I try the street level it gives me an oblique view of my house When I try to get it round the definition goes to pot showing disassociated tiles blurred drag marks and bent lampposts. the old version with street cameras was wonderful how can I get that back? Desmond Kellard


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