FaceTime Rumor: Coming to Mac OS X and Windows?

By Jamie Pert - Sep 10, 2010

Back in June we were introduced to Facetime for iPhone 4, now it is coming to the 4th generation iPod Touch and perhaps Max OS X and Windows.

We have no official confirmation that Facetime is coming to Mac OS X and Windows, however Mac4Ever suggest that Apple is preparing an app, usually Mac4Ever rumors are usually pretty reputable.

This news is backed up by the fact that FaceTime has not yet been made compatible with iChat, which is Mac OS X’s instant messaging and video chat software, many believe that compatibility would have been announced soon after the iPhone 4 launch.

Currently there are two options for Apple, they can either launch a Mac and PC Facetime app, or add support for existing instant messaging and video chat applications such as iChat, Skype, Windows Live Messenger and Google Talk.

Would you prefer a new Facetime app for Windows/Mac or support for iChat, Skype etc.

Source: Engadget

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  • Tom

    I would like support for Skype – you can't use a Hotmail account with iChat, and many of my friends have Skype, but only a few have iChat. Not many even have Macs. Apple should broaden their range to take over the PC realm as well, by integrating FaceTime into MSN, Skype, Yahoo!, and maybe iChat if they are so desperate. Just imagine it – iPod touch video call to PC, which connects to Mac, iPhone 4, [possibly] iPad 2, etc. Life would be awesome.