WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011: Full Roster Revealed for Xbox 360, PS3

By Alan Ng - Sep 9, 2010

We have some good news for those of you planning to pick up WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 on either the Xbox 360 or PS3, as THQ has just unveiled the roster lineup for this title – and there’s a few surprises.

As reported from PWInsider, the roster was unveiled during a special presentation by GameSpot and THQ, with the event also featuring some big names from the WWE including Howard Finkel and The Miz.

As you would expect, the roster is set to be one of the biggest ever for a WWE game, and all of the current WWE stars are included, with a few surprises as well too. We can confirm that Bret Hart will be available on the RAW roster, but you can only obtain him by pre-ordering the game from Best Buy.

Members of the Nexus won’t be available straight away, instead they will be available in the DLC pack 2, which will be out during the holiday season according to THQ. The pack includes Wade Barrett, David Otunga, Justin Gabriel and two legends in Lex Luger and Davey Boy Smith (British Bulldog).

Gamespot also announced that there are 14 superstars which have been left of the current list. These will be announced on their website in the coming weeks leading up to release. Below is the full roster so far, courtesy of PWInsider.


Bret Hart (Best Buy DLC exclusive)
Brie Bella
Chris Jericho
David Hart Smith
Evan Bourne
Eve Torres
Ezekiel Jackson
Gail Kim
John Cena
John Morrison
Mark Henry
The Miz
Nikki Bella
Randy Orton
Santino Marella
Shawn Michaels
Ted DiBiase
Triple H
Tyson Kidd
Vladimir Kozlov
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu
Zack Ryder


Beth Phoenix
Big Show
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters (Available in DLC Pack 1)
CM Punk
Cody Rhodes
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Jack Swagger
Kelly Kelly
Kofi Kingston
Luke Gallows
Matt Hardy
Michelle McCool
Montel Vontavious Porter
Rey Mysterio
Shad Gaspard
The Undertaker
Vance Archer

DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT PACK 2 (Available during the “holiday season”)

Davey Boy Smith (Legend)
David Otunga (RAW)
Justin Gabriel (RAW)
Layla (SmackDown)
Lex Luger (Legend)
Wade Barrett (RAW)

What are your thoughts on this year’s roster? We didn’t see Batista on that list by the way!

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  • Jaran Sullivan

    svr 11 its awesome but need more wrestlers

  • ARGM

    No Khali, no Jeff or Matt Hardy, no Nexus, No Andre the Giant, no Del Rio, no Booker T. This game has hit rock bottom,,,

  • kostas

    the nexus downloadable

  • deadley

    jeff is in it you have to buy him

  • Jontez

    they could have put alberto or have a cold on the back of the game for people to get unlock.all i got was,historicalbelts.SLURPEE,8thannaultribute,apicpredator,and shotclock.u can unlock buggey b=man with the code shotclock.



  • Danny

    we need chyna and the full dx on a game as legends

  • Jbtru1

    When u caws they should make u type in any name u want and when u get to the ring they should call the name u type in not making u choose the name they have in their. Like for a sample if u type in ur name and call ur self max they should call u max

  • ultimate warrior

    No ultimate warrior,khali,Andre the giant or rick flair? I want my damn money back!! I’m tired of paying these idiots for a game when they would rather put these no count clowns on the roster who I might add have only been around for a couple years because they’re dads were wrestlers, forgive me superfly your a legend’ but these other clowns on 2011 couldn’t lace even big john studds boots!! Get a real roster with some great legends or give it up !! Wtf ?

  • zack

    what happend to khali and batista

    • zack

      when will it come up

  • Nicolas

    no nexus no alberto del rio that sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harno

    that is crap I brought the original copy expecting nexus and now I. Find out I need to buy or download them that’s stupid

  • Mick

    wcw is in wwe smackdown vs raw 2011

  • ams

    Hi is the new downloadable content out yet?

  • Matt

    whats the date of the release of nexus??

  • Jarrad

    It is a good roster but they need Daniel Bryan

    • Elton Scully

      you said it buddy

  • jack

    Goldberg should be on the roster

  • jack

    skip shefield & heath slater should be on the roster

  • dave222

    how do i download nexus?

  • The DLC should have Booker T, Kurt Angle, Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, and more moves. Austin need his vest and carry the title belt in his hands like the rock and slow his entrances down. U could put trish and lita to.

  • The DLC should have Brock lesnar and Goldberg they legends to. And download a better stone cold entrance because they never have it right. He don’t have his vest on and they still havin make him hold the belt the right way. Stone cold carry the belt in his hands like the rock. He walk to fast down the ramp.

  • The only problem I’m havin with THQ the xbox360 is raw vs smackdown 2011. The game is good don’t get me wrong on that but the bottons sucks that’s the only thing if yall never change the bottons the game will be the best. Put the bottons back like wwe smackdown shut or mouth the bottons were better. Because smackdown vs raw 2011 u grapplin with the right stick and it’s hard to play the game like that u should grap with the bottons are better to grap with.

    • Jbtru1

      They should make the Davis blood

  • mr t

    nexus during christmas and new years break

  • samm

    were is trish stratus she needs to be on here she is a 7 time wwe womans chap

  • Drew

    I want Jeff Hardy =(

  • Drew

    i wish jeff hardy was in the game, he was the only person i liked to play in the old game=(

  • Lawrenc Morals

    @Magoo joey mercury isn't in wwe anymore

  • keith chew

    Batista is in the game and he has,nt left wwe because he was on serviovor series 2010

    • mr t

      no he wasn't

  • jhjjj

    this is bullshit man fuck all yall

  • mr t

    the nexus won't be download able until thanksgiving of chritsmas

  • mr t

    the nexus won't be downloaded until thanksgiving of christmas


    no legion of doom on the game

  • jr

    I think this game is pretty good. Needs the nexus in there as a storyline thoughand they need to bring back career mode rather than road to wrestlemania. Gets old quick.

  • mitchell

    how do u get the nexus on the mane game

  • Mr. Awsome

    it sucks that there isnt jeff hardy or Nexus. what did you think you were doing when you made the roster. hell even Sheamus is in there and not Nexus i was hoping to kick Barrets ass. WTF

  • WWE 4lyf


    Brie Bella
    Ezekeiel Jackson
    Gail Kim
    Vince McMahon
    Jake "The Snake" Roberts
    Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka
    Mickie James
    Mike Knox
    Nikki Bella
    Paul Bearer (Manager Only)
    Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat
    Shelton Benjamin
    Stone Cold
    Terry Funk
    The Rock
    Vladimir Kozlov
    William Regal
    Yoshi Tatsu
    Zack Ryder

  • Ant svr Master

    1: no khali 2:nexus should be in the main game considering theyve been around for a whil now. 3:why is jerry lawler and michael cole the announcers for every show. 4: in create a superstar wrestlmania road why cant you choose a voice instead of that country phycho path voice. 5: why cant you make a match for a title in exbhition or wwe universe but u can in story mode but u should at least be able to do it in exbhition. and 6: no layla. the game is awesome but still kinda dissapointiong

  • Barrett

    Ej można grac Wade Barrettem ????? Jeśli tak to trzeba go jakos odblokowac czy jak ??? Prosze o odp

  • Chris M

    Batista is in the game. Nexus is getting added in with the next update. Most of the 14 are legends. a couple are just lesser characters like zach ryder.

  • nathan

    WTF why nexus isnt in the main game? the game should have nexus since nexus is always seen on every raw since they first showed up!! r thq getting more dumb or what? no offense thq

  • zack

    jeff hardy is no longer there what a pity

    • chunk d

      good, jeff hardy washed up lol

  • Chris

    I know a few things about svr 2011 you can unlock rvd stone cold the rock and Jake the snake. Also kaili isn’t there cuz he was suppose to have time off but because of the volcano eurroption in Iceland he couldn’t go and they were to late to put. Him in

    • jonathan

      no you cant unlock rvd because hes in tna and theres no stone cold and no jake the snake dont tell people stuff that your not sure about

  • Steven

    Pissed of don’t no where nexus is or how u could leave them out

    Of the roster u could at least have them as unlockables or rtwm challenge matches then when u beet them u get them

  • Chris

    they dont have Alberto di rio



  • Dustin

    im royally PO’ed. I waz hoping the nexus would be in the main game soooo much. and you still cant get ALL of the nexus on the holiday season pack!!! Im very disapointed in the game ):

  • the legend killer

    Where is Alberto Del Rio he has become an important charechter in Smackdown why cant they put him in the game do we have to wait another year to see him.

    • Jaran Sullivan

      n ppl like his finisher moves
      dat move break arm good 2 use in d game

  • harris gibbo

    no nexus how sad cant take out cena

    • gkwgad

      you have to download them

  • Guest1000

    would love to see the bad guy Razor Ramon in it but i doubt he would has he turned his back on WWF/E when he left for WCW

  • markus1991

    i honestly think this could be one of the worst smackdown games ever yeah the graphics are amazing but the rosters are poor to be fair, no nexus or nothink and the legends are rubbish too the legends should be

    1 mr perfect
    2 eddie guerrero
    3 the rock
    4 stone cold
    5 british bull dog
    6 ken shamrock
    7 macho man randy savage
    8 owen hart
    9 razor ramon
    10 ultimate warrior

    • char

      it needs trish stratus

    • chunk d

      great 10 people, but replace ken shamrock with brock lesner or goldberg lol

    • rkoorton

      most of them are dead mate so they wont be init

  • AHL

    Hope Del Rio will become available, Eddie Guerrero needs to be a legend

  • there must be stone cold , brock lesnar,the rookies of nexus if they want the time have more players so we can wait but this wrong hum jis player se khel na chahte hein vo toh hai hi nahi

  • amr

    Im disappointed with the roster no nexus in the main game at least their is D-Generation-X

  • Mansoor

    niccho riccardo ·Don't Worry Batista is their in the game.

    • jonathan

      no batista isnt in the game

  • WTF How come there is no Batista ?!?!?!?! he is one of the best wrestler’s out there , he better be in the 14 mystery superstars

    • Ufc > wwe

      SORRY DUDE BATISTA IS IN MMA NOW HE DOESNT DO THAT FAKE CRAP ANYMORE SORRY!! He made the right choice like Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley did!!!

    • ali

      there is batista

  • hayden hopwood

    its a shame that nexus are not playable

    • danny wood

      they will be when they come out

  • Magoo


    The official trailer has Bret Hart, Alicia Fox, & Batista listed as characters so per this link video you do not have to pre order this from BEST BUY to get Bret Hart as a playable. And wwe.com does not show hornswoggle as yet announced or playable. I think based on rumors sneaks and internet sites that the 14 revealed will look something like this



    11. JAY USO
    12. JIMMY USO
    13. TAMINA

    • Joe

      well seeing as hornswoggle, the rock and stone cold are unlockable i dont think that will be the 14 and you cant trust websites or rumours

    • thomas

      mr mcmahon and hornswoggle are in the game but you have to unlock mr mcmahon

    • Jaran Sullivan

      4 real

    • Jaran Sullivan

      its kinda sweet hope 2012 u can pick any body 4 road to wrestlemania eg.randy orton and others

  • I think the game looks great, possibly the best Smackdown game since Here Comes the Pain for Playstation 2.

  • keith johnson


  • keith johnson

    wat is yall tawkin about yall weird

    • peter

      wwe dugh

  • Hakeem

    I am pissed.They could have updated it and still put Nexus in the game

  • Tyler

    They explained Nexus came around when the main roster had been finished….Batista is in the game, Batista looks good in this game compared to the last few games…Wwe.Com has the roster w/ everyone, minus the DLC and the Mystery 14 people

  • Vega

    Batista, Alicia Fox, HBK, Hornswoggle also on game per WWE.com

    • James

      Hornswoggle is a Manager in the regular game. as Is Paul Bearer

    • Jaran Sullivan

      hope 2012 be lot more better
      2011 is good but need more wrestlers in d roster list

  • sherik

    i m disappointed…….with the roster……………no nexus in the main game

    • arsenal13

      yh there is there 2 that are in the game and 3 to unlock

    • Joey Rensch

      i know it is stupid that you have to download the stinking nexus and when you do you do not get all of them

  • sherik

    disappointed with the roster…….nexus not in the main game and not even layla 🙁

    • Frankie

      yeah whats up with that crap when they showed the preview of the came on raw wade barrett was on there this is bull.

      • Joe

        yeah but as you read above he's in the dlc pack 2

    • Jaran Sullivan

      we need nexus & layla even duh nexus do attack atleast dey can be in ppl dont have 2 ge dem no title

  • andy

    how come no kahil

    • sherik

      i think khali will be 1 of 14 stars to be revealed later

      • Joe

        khali doesnt seem to be in the game as an unlockable or in the dlc pack 2
        but there again he had left wwe for a break so there could be something there saying he's not coming back

    • The Man

      I Know It is Really Disappointing, I wanted there to be The Greaat Khali, I am even if hes left (for break) I mean inactive and wwe legends are there so I don't see the problem for Khali to be there. Its really disappointing!

    • Jaran Sullivan

      thats tru he is big n strong need 2 be added

    • Jaran Sullivan

      khali is big and strong shud be in

  • Liam Carvel

    needs some legends 🙂

    • Jaran Sullivan

      thats tru

    • Jaran Sullivan

      like bill goldberg,the rock and others

    • Jaran Sullivan

      as long as they was a wrestler add dem in even girls