Paris Motor Show 2010: Saab 9-3 revised engine specs

Saab are getting ready for the Paris Motor Show by introducing a revised 9-3 for 2011, before a complete makeover is completed for 2012.

Although the exterior stays roughly the same barring a few minor tweaks to the bumpers. Saab has also decided to give a nod to its past styling with the re-introduction of three-spoke alloy wheels in 16 and 18-inch versions. Main changes however come from under the bonnet. As with all manufacturers the main aim is to reduce emissions and lower fuel consumption and Saab is no different.

While the petrol variants get a seven percent reduction the 1.9 TTiD diesel lowers its emissions from 149 g/km to 119, it also drops its fuel consumption figures from 5.6 1/100 km down to 4.5. Even with these savings the performance hasn’t suffered with the horsepower available from 130bhp to 160bhp with a top of the range pushing out 180bhp. There will also be a new automatic transmission available.

So let us see how the revised models fare come show time, hopefully with this and the 2012 makeover due, this the injection that Saab needs to get back on the right foot? Hit the link for more pics.

Source: eurocarblog



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